1. Put a whopee cushion on Delores Umbridge's seat. When she asks আপনি why it's there, respond with, "The dark lord is back. Watch yourself." And than walk away.
2. Blare loud muggle rap সঙ্গীত from your office and scream "Oh yeah, baby!" And "Whoa yeah!" At যেভাবে খুশী times.
3. Install lighting in the Department of Mysteries and call it the "Department of Lighting."
4. Scream in the hall, "Bellatrix! Why have আপনি left me?" And than ask the nearest person if they would like to যোগদান আপনি for a butterbeer after work.
5. Tell everyone that আপনি have a secret. When they ask আপনি what it is, say "Meet me at Hogwarts." When they ask why, simply stand there until another person comes দ্বারা and ask them if they want a free broomstick.
6. Walk up to an employee and ask "Where did অর্থহীন go?" When they say he left the ministry, scream in there faces that he didn't leave.

Well, that's all I've got. Thanks for reading.