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 Trio Photoshoot in Empire Magazine
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empire magazine
Fanpup says...

This হ্যারি পটার ছবি contains প্রতিকৃতি, ধনু, and চতুর.

Look at how জনপ্রিয় Harry Potter used to be millions of অনুরাগী all over. How many of আপনি are on the pivoting point from switching like everyone else? Look at all the বই now that have such great adventures like Percy Jackson, অথবা 39, maybe Twilight. Its starting to bring Harry Potter down. Sure were getting a few আরো অনুরাগী because of the movies. Now we only have about 75,000 অনুরাগী all over America. Its really time to say Harry Potter is better in every way. Can আপনি put a jinx on a werewolf in Twilight? Yeah didn't think so.

Now চলচ্চিত্র আপনি get the Sorcerers apprentice, Percy Jackson, twilight....
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posted by sapherequeen
Hi everyone,
I'm not really a Harry Potter fan, but আপনি see, a couple months পূর্বে I came across a website called "Always Astrology". It provides a বিবরণ of the twelve zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces), Moon signs, and the planetary placements (I mean like Mercury signs, Venus signs). It also provided a free birth chart calculator. So after doing mine, I've pretty much been obsessed and had done charts for everyone I know, and every character that had a traceable birthday. And I had just done Harry's.

So in case...
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He’s back.

And Naperville was there to welcome him.

More than a thousand অনুরাগী of the world’s পছন্দ wizard gathered at Naperville’s AMC Showplace Theatre for the midnight premiere of “link” It is the first installment of a two-part film, based on the final book in the J.K. Rowling series.

Many in attendance had pre-purchased their tickets weeks পূর্বে and started arriving at the south Naperville cinema as early as 6 p.m. Thursday. An ঘন্টা before the scheduled release, অনুরাগী were seated in eight of the 16 theaters, and additional showings were scheduled for 3:15 a.m. Friday.

While striped...
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posted by ginnyweasleyfan
Harry potter in a shopping centre nursery.
The Dursleys parked their car in the shopping centre and walked in, both discussing what to do with their nephew Harry Potter who was only four years old.
"We could put him in that nursery they've got in here" suggested Aunt petunia. Their four বছর old son Dudley was screaming.
"I WANT AN ICECREAM WAAAHHHH". Aunt পিটুনিয়া knelt down to Dudley's level and put her hands on his shoulders.
"Don't worry sweetums, Mummsey will get আপনি an icecream". Dudley wiped his snotty nose all over Uncle Vernon's trousers.
"Little tike" he chuckled lifting up Dudley onto...
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the coolest and newest contest is online before your very eyes! enter into the sweet contest দ্বারা joining me অথবা my club katelynsong@kool.com (if আপনি want to be included in parties please যোগদান the club) আপনি will get a v.i.p pass to the parties first party is a dress as আপনি want party (your প্রতীকী is how আপনি are dressed) and then get entered get as many অনুরাগী of yours to যোগদান me অথবা my club:
18 অথবা more= 25 props
14-17= 20 props
10-13= 15 props
7-9= 10 props
3-6= 6 props
1-2= 3 props
for participating= 1 prop

so যোগদান my club and get lots of শ্রদ্ধার্ঘ্য
and if আপনি get 5 people আপনি get 1+3+6 props!
Me, Myself, and I

By Rita Skeeter

Exclusive interview with notorious Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange

Here I am, sitting in the private dungeon of the notorious Bellatrix Lestrange, most feared follower of the Dark Lord, and having a completely normal interview. Read on to see if there’s আরো to Bellatrix than just madness and a nasty reputation!

RS: Hello!

BL: *growls*

RS: Do আপনি mind if I use a quick-quotes quill?

BL: What’s that?

*fingers wand handle threateningly*

RS: Oh, nothing, erm, moving on…Can I call আপনি Bella?

BL: No.

RS: How would আপনি describe your relationship with the man known as...
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posted by BellaLovett
Daniel Radcliffe was recently interviewed, regarding his and Helena's upcoming film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. During the interview, he was asked about working with Helena, and her portrayal of Emma Watson's character, Hermione. Read the interview below!

It's been revealed that the running time for পরবর্তি month's Harry Potter film is 147 minutes, making it the third longest Potter film to date. Meanwhile, Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) answered some প্রশ্ন from অনুরাগী about the film. Here's a transcript:

Question: What was it like playing the other characters for the Seven Potters...
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posted by Misharrypotter
I got in line for the first years and got in the নৌকা on my why to the boats I heard a girls call out Hi turns out her name was ann too. I was hoping to get in the house with Harry in it so I could talk with him some more.

The পরবর্তি thing I know I was siting পরবর্তি to Harry agian and Hermione and Ron. They were talking about something that I did not understand at all I think it was something about a book. Hermione and Ron lead me to our part of Hogwarts and told us girls on the right boys on the left. Good I thought I always had boys in my stuff. I sit down before it was time to go to বিছানা and some boy with this wierd toy got cought with it and Hermione and Ron got mad over it I had no idea why. Okay the পরবর্তি দিন I found out that I hated a man named Sanpe, man was he mean. He hated even the three years I tryed to ask why to them but I got in big tourld and got send after class to him. Man! why am I always the one to get picked one
Warner Bros. has scuttled plans to release the new "Harry Potter" in 3D.

In a statement released Friday, the studio ব্যক্ত that when "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1" arrives in theaters on Nov. 19, it will be in 2D, playing both conventional theaters and IMAX, but that "we will not have a completed 3D version of the film within our release তারিখ window."

The statement continued: "Despite everyone's best efforts, we were unable to convert the film in its entirety and meet the highest standards of quality. We do not want to disappoint অনুরাগী who have long-anticipated the conclusion of...
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posted by rangarajvignesh
The World is flat!
    Well, I know আপনি প্রশ্ন my sanity, now. Obviously, the world is round and that’s a proven fact, from the moment Galileo stepped out of his ship. And now, there’s a প্রশ্ন again. Is the World really round? I hate that word, really. The word which gives rise to a lot of প্রশ্ন and seeks for explanations.
    ‘Imagination is আরো important than knowledge,’ ব্যক্ত a wise man once. And, it’s true. Well, আপনি need not be aware of the complications of four-dimensional মহাকাশ fabric to accept this theory. What all আপনি need to...
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posted by Misharrypotter
Harry Potter sit down and got real to go to Hogwarts. Was he picked up his wand and then noted that something was wrong ফ্রেড had to took his real wand and put a fake one in it’s place.. harry jumped up and yelled at ফ্রেড and saying that if he ever took his wand and placed it with a fake one that he would use a lot of spells on him that would make him not funny. “harry no no I want do it a again I promise ‘ “you better not and don’t think of doing again of I I “ “or want harry can’t think of anythink to do “ ব্যক্ত ফ্রেড “yes I can but I wouldn’t hurt আপনি your one of the funniest person I know “

sorry if i made some miskis and stuff this is just part one
 Chamber of Secrets
Chamber of Secrets
credit : Mugglenet

Fred and George, however, found all this very funny. They went out of their way to march ahead of Harry down the corridors, shouting, "Make way for the Heir of Slytherin, seriously evil wizard coming through..."


Harry learned quickly not to feel to sorry for the gnomes. He decided to just drop the first one just over the hedge, but the gnome, sensing weakness, sank his razor sharp teeth into Harry's finger and he had a hard job shaking it off until -
"Wow, Harry - that must have been fifty feet!"

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posted by KishuandIchigo
This is my first অনুরাগী fiction, so don't be mean to me about it if আপনি don't like it.
It all started, that one fateful day, on my eleventh birthday, when I found out that wizards and witches were REAL, and not just things from fairy tales that your parents told আপনি to amuse you.

I'm Miranda Basil. I have long, dark brown hair, dark green eyes, and a skinny body. I like anime, facebook, and I am a tomboy. I'm muggle-born. Just yesterday, I found out that I was a witch.

That morning was just like any other day, well, except for...
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* It has been announced that there will be a scene with the Minister for Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour, making a speech about how times will "grow darker still" to Ministry employees.
* There will be a scene with Neville, Luna, and Ginny on the Hogwarts Express.
* It is thought that a chase scene on land will be added into the Seven Potters fight sequence.
* It has been announced that Bill will be attacked during the Battle over Little Whinging.
* It has been hinted at that an extended wand battle between Umbridge and Harry will be included and a chase scene with the Snatchers will take place during...
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My 9 বছর old copy of "Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone" is now in ruins, and I'm on the verge of crying because of that.
I have another 2books of dat but still it was my 1st one..

I understand that this might come across as a joke/silliness to most of you, but there's a reason this book means so much to me, I'm gonna write it down here, আপনি don't have to read it, but if আপনি do... thank আপনি very much. <3

When I was 13, I had to change schools because my Dad had got transferred to a different place than where we used to live before. Changing schools had never been much of problem,...
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All over the world people are howling
About those great বই দ্বারা J. K. Rowling
Three little বই that appeal to all ages
One learns about enchantments and spells in these pages
And a young boy who is quite ordinary in appearance
Who discovers he's a wizard with powers quite immense
To learn to control them he goes to Hogwarts School
And becomes a member of Griffindor, the house that's really cool
But its not all work, there's also time for fun
A great game called Quidditch which has to be won
With ঝাড়ু that fly and a ছদ্মবেশ that makes him disappear
We know this young wizard will enjoy his বছর
But it's আরো than one বছর - it's going to be Seven!
For the প্রেমী of ফ্যান্টাসি that sounds like heaven!
If আপনি haven't yet read about Harry Potter
Well, আপনি really ought 'ter!
Chapter 1
Renewal of Revenge

    Pant. Pant. Pant. The Disillusionment Charm I put on myself at the start of the battle was now wearing off. I was beginning to see the paled flesh of my hands. I’d better put on another one, I thought as I ducked behind a corner. “Occulto Existum.” I whispered— but just as I finished the incantation, I heard a voice.
    “Remus…Lupin. It will be my pleasure to destroy you.”
    “Professor Lupin?!” I silently gasped. The voice was eerily familiar; I knew I’d heard it before. But just...
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His feet made strange scraping noises as they slid along the marble floored corridors of Hogwarts. His exhaustion was nothing compared to the humiliation he felt, his Slytherin tie now had a blood red stain on it, thanks to James Potter's gang in potions class. He leaned against the wall, the bags under his eyes seeming to add an unbearable wieght to his sleepyness. He just started to dose leaning against the দেওয়াল when he heard running footsteps behind him. "Sev!" Lily shouted, her voice worried. Snape shaffled around to face her, his side still pressed against the wall. "Hi" he groaned, his...
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In Chronological Order.

1/1: Intro to the Durlsey's / Leaving Harry on their doorstep
Where better to start then the beginning of the series? The very first chapter, to be precise. Well, it might be 2 chapters, I'm not sure. But I প্রণয় these parts, regardless. It's a great way to kick off the series, because it's told from the point of view of a muggle. So we already can relate with the main character and we can see how wizards incorporate into our everyday lives. Then it goes right to Dumbledore and Mcgonogal discussing the same events from the wizards point of view. It's also pretty good in...
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posted by XDRoseLuvsHP

I rarely ship non-canon couples. But this is one non-canon couple that I absolutely adore. It's not a very জনপ্রিয় one. In fact, it's quite unpopular amongst fans, partially because most people are fairly content with HarryxGinny. Some of the most common non-canon couples concerning these characters are HarryxHermione and NevillexLuna. I honestly cannot stand either coupling, but I'll get into that later. (Remember, this is just my opinion! I have nothing against others who think differently! I totally respect it! Just putting my point of view out there!) So I'm just going...
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