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posted by HecateA
Okay, here's the thing.

I'm often asked for লিঙ্ক to all my stories and I'm getting pretty sick of going back and forth for লিঙ্ক (especially since it means going back in my 'my articles' section and making me go 'oh god- that one...' and feel ashamed that I ever wrote it). So I'm going to have 1 প্রবন্ধ with all my stuff that I'll সম্পাদনা to fit new stories in, with their summaries and links. Sounds cool? I'll put my Harry Potter stuff too (all two of them!) and my French stories because, well, I'm Francophone.

I'll put no spoiler alerts for series that aren't done- so if আপনি haven't finished...
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Alrighty; so I just finished the book a few Fridays পূর্বে (oh my gosh...) and I know that it might be getting hazy to some, but I would like to know a few things about your সামগ্রিক impression on it.

Please copy paste this into your comment, মোছা my answers, fill the blanks with yours, click on the post button and don't any of আপনি tell me that my লেখা is perfect!

1a) পছন্দ OC character? (Hazel Ducharme, Evan Madison, Reyna Gayle, Jonno Stargo, etc)

Umm... Ummm... I can't pick one, I প্রণয় them all!

b) Why?

2. Which character did the most growing up অথবা changing during the books?

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posted by tracytracy2000
নমস্কার Remember when I asked আপনি when your Birthday was? That's because I wanted to make আপনি this! I have gathered Birthday wishes for আপনি from your friends. I hope আপনি enjoy, and thanks to the people that contributed to this প্রবন্ধ :)

Hey, Hufflepuff buddy :) Happy Birthday! I know we haven't spoken lately but I hope আপনি have a wonderful day, আপনি deserve it! So happpy birthday, see আপনি around the common room!

Happy Birthday, Hec! Hope it's a good, MOA, লেখা filled one :D

Happy Birthday Hec!!!!!!! Good luck in the future ♣♣♣

Happy birthday to my very best...
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posted by tracytracy2000
First off before anything, I would like আপনি all to excuse me on your behalf of my poor লেখা skills. I don’t always write like publically so yes DON’T আপনি DARE BLAST ME FOR MY POOR SKILLS. Be nice about it (sorry that kinda sounded mean but I assure আপনি that I am not mean). All I want আপনি to know is that my grammar is not so good and don’t have to point it out to me in the মতামত section below. And so I will get to my point.

As many of আপনি guys may know Hecate’s almost done with her story. I joined the HoO club when there was around 200 members. I am proud to say that Hecate...
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