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On a dark and stormy night in Minecraft, a lonely player is walking about a forest looking for a clearing to build a nice house. Suddenly she notices the trees she is walking past are leafless. She didn't think of Herobrine being in her world, so she simply cuts down some leafless trees and sets off on her way once more. But she notices that the logs she cut down are are slowing her down and look a bit weird in her inventory bar. Passing a lake, she notices a little sand pyramid near the shore. She stops, wondering what it could mean. She suddenly remembers and gasps. Thoughts race through her head. Herobrine........ sighting........friends told me.........not to........mysterious....... Then one thought tells her to QUIT THE GAME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She quickly does. Later when she tries to go back, she can't. She deletes the world. She was lucky that time. পরবর্তি time, not so lucky.
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