Italy: Draw a circle. that's the Earth. Draw a বৃত্ত that's the Earth. Draw a বৃত্ত that's the Earth I am Hetalia. Hey, my voice changed!

Hungary: That's GREAT Dear!!

Austria:(Just realized he was a boy) Huh?

Hungary: What's wrong? (To Austria)

Austria: Oh nothing.
Thinks To Himself: Now I understand why Holy Rome likes him.

Italy: নমস্কার Germany lets play some football come on lets play some football come on please please football play with me football football.

Britain:(to America) Don't worry I'll be back I just have to do some work to do. Now আপনি be a good country.
America: No why do আপনি have to go I don't want to stay here. Who will read me those boring books?
Britain: Those বই aren't boring that are call history. Now আপনি go make some of your own ok.
Britain: See I'm back just like I said.
America: নমস্কার British dude!

Japan: It's nice to meet আপনি China where the sun sets. My name is Japan. I am from where the sun rises.
China: Well that wasn't very nice!

Romano: *holds up mustache* Ah-haaa, now আপনি look stupid!
Germany: . . . From here it just looks like you're the one with the mustache.
Romano: What?! Don't look at me I'm hideous!!

England: Busby's chair... Anyone who sits in this chair will be cursed with a horrible and often painful death... Except... apparently... For Russia.

Italy: "I didn't know আপনি were telepathetic!"
Germany: "Yahh, dat und I read idiot."

America: Check it out yo, how kick গাধা is my new fighter plane of doom!? Dude, it blowin your mind yet অথবা what?
England: *sigh* I don't get it, why did আপনি call me all the way out here to look at a silly air plane. (snickers) Its just (stupid) I could never come up with the same design. I think its (stupid) very unique.
America: নমস্কার thanks Man! It was actually created to help me beat the holy heck out of you! So I'm glad আপনি think its stud!

Holy Roman Solider 1: Why do we have to keep these stupid paintings?
Holy Roman Solider 2:Hoho, is this a painting of your little girlfriend, অথবা boyfriend অথবা gender neutral চিবি thing?
Holy Roman Empire: Its not like that!

Romano: Could আপনি say something nice about me for once?
Italy: ...
Romano: I HATE আপনি SO MUCH!
Italy: Romano, where are ya going!?

Germany: Now if আপনি want to go make sure your prepared and raise your hand, but do so in a way that does not not mock any salutes of my country's past!

যেভাবে খুশী Guard: Oh no everybody start to freak out the Great Prussia is here!!!

Prussia: SUCK IT LOSERS!!!!

Prussia: I'm Awesome!!!!

Panda: আপনি guys related?
China: আপনি bet! This guy happens to be my kid brother.
Japan: *long pause* Right.

"This remind me of horror movie I saw one time when everybody die at end!" -Japan

America: Yo, tell me your ancient Japanese secret diet!
Japan: Well, I eat like human being instead of use খাবার to cover feeling of emptiness.
America: Hey! That was cruel!

Germany: I once killed a man in his sleep with his own mustache und a grape.
Italy: Fine, I'm up, I'm up!

England: Bring on the fire, bring on the Hell, set everything ablaze so that no trace remains. Bring on the fire-
America: I feel like we're summoning the devil!

Italy: "Pastaaaaaaaa!"

America: NO! Poor Britain!
(Creepy laugh Grim Reaper behind Britain's bed)
America: Rumor has it that আপনি were mortality wounded!!! Is that true??? I BLAME GERMANY!
Britain: No it wasn't I was in the process of making a panjandrum, when well আপনি know how I got side traced.
America: Dude, No way hang in there man come on please আপনি can't just die আপনি still owe me a whole crap tone of money!!
Britain: Calm down listen to me we have spent too much of our time fighting, and I want আপনি to know...........I don;t hate আপনি I know it must have seemed that way the truth is............(Grim Reaper covers Britain's mouth)
America:Britain, আপনি ok?
Britain: (silent)
America: Eh eh eh eh (tapping head of Britain) AW dude Britain is totally DEAD lets go get a drink to celebrate. (patting GR on the shoulder)
Britain: 0____0
America: See I told আপনি he wake up if we did that

Narrator:“Poland faced Germany tanks with…..Oh right জীবন্ত fans…..Germany invaded Poland in……Oh right American fans………Poland is i country in Europe!!

Holy Roman Empire:In heaven, the police are British, the প্রেমী are Italian, the chefs are French, the engineers are German, and the bankers are Swiss.
In hell, the police are German, the প্রেমী are Swiss, the chefs are British, the engineers are French, and the bankers are Italian.

Italy: Its been a while since I slept with you, Romano.
Romano: Shut Up! আপনি should at least have two beds in আপনি place!
Italy: How weird I usually sleep together with জাপান and Germany.
Romano:(Grabs Italy's throat) আপনি STILL GET ALONG WITH THEM!!!!

Italy: The other দিন I had some nasty pizza.............Britain made it!

হেটালিয়া theme song: Hey, নমস্কার Papa!
Give me wine!
Hey, নমস্কার Mama!
Hey, নমস্কার Mama!
The bolognese that I ate before,
I cannot forget the taste!
Draw a circle, that's the Earth
Draw a circle, that's the Earth
Draw a circle, that's the Earth
I am Hetalia!
Draw a circle, that's the Earth
Look closely, that's the Earth
Might that be the Earth
I am Hetalia
Ah, with the single swipe of a paintbrush, a wonderful world can be seen
With our boots, let's make a toast! Hetalia!