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posted by haremaster99
Hello All~ I have decided on doing Some......"opinions" on my good friends/family/ect. IN NO WAY SHAPE অথবা FORM AM I TRYING TO INSULT OF HURT ANY FEELINGS! SO NO FLAMING!!! First up! My Big Brother~! I প্রণয় my brother, don't get me wrong I প্রণয় him, BUT just cause I প্রণয় him, DOESN'T MEAN I DON'T GET INTO FIGHTS WITH HIM! when we fight, it's to the death, I'm not joking, but in the end we make up.....Sorta.....I'm kinda worse than Elizabeta......Not really. 
My brother is annoying, sometimes he can be SOOOOO annoying that আপনি just wanna go...
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once outside when its nighttime:

a shooting তারকা comes

Italy: ve~ look Germany! a shooting star!!

Germany: yes, i know

the axis: ..........

Italy: Germany. is there such thing as পাস্তা stars?

Germany: Vhell..... no....

Italy: oh. i wish there was though so i can eat the stars when there falling and it will be so tasty like real pasta!!!

a shooting তারকা comes

Japan: *takes the picture*

Italy: Ve~ look Germany! another shooting star!! this time it looks like its coming straight... for..... us.....

Japan: oh my...

Italy: *cries* WAAAA GERMANY SAVE ME!!!

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posted by HeartfulStitch
A story I wrote on my Quizilla account. I based it আরো অথবা less off a song দ্বারা Owl City called: How I Became The Sea. I'm personally very proud of this story and I hope আপনি will enjoy it~ Thank আপনি for reading!

~ℒegacy ℬecomes Ꭿ Ꭰream~ ⊰Ꭾrussia⊱


The passing of time is quick when আপনি live a life worthy of a fulfilling legacy and experience things that one could only imagine in dreams অথবা read in story books. When death finally settles upon one who has lived a life full of these things, it comes slowly. Such a death was experienced দ্বারা a certain mighty country. One who rose...
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It was the annual talent প্রদর্শনী and all the students from হেটালিয়া বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় were being forced to perform any of their talents in front of the entire school. It was like a competition, because there were judges’ there to give out a first place ribbon to the person who had the best talent. All the classes headed toward the gym and sat down on the bleachers. People were performing in alphabetical order দ্বারা their “names”. America you’re up” called the judges. “Present yourself to the school and tell us your talent” ব্যক্ত the judges. America hoped onto the stage and ব্যক্ত “hey doods...
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posted by Cheshire_Pasta
I'm sorry for this rant but, I am getting so annoyed with this and I've been seeing it literally EVERY WHERE!! I also would like to apologize in advance for any problems caused with this... I was very pissed off when I typed this and I may have let my anger do most of the talking...

Lately, I've seen quite a lot of people romanticize the Revolutionary War and treating it like some "horrible breakup between boyfriends." People saying that America left England all alone and didn't understand how England felt. I don't honestly care because it pisses me off too much to go on about it. Listen, America...
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I couldn't think of anywhere else to post this, so I'm saying it here and in hope of pointing something out to this fandom, who are also part of many other fandoms.

I was watching Ellen videos, and it's an old video. But..it just was horrible. I couldn't take it, it broke my হৃদয় in two. A..a little boy...was murdered...for being gay. He was murdered...by the person, he asked to be his valentine. A little boy, who asked for such a simple thing, was killed. And it's just...horrible.

And, the reason I am posting it here is because, this fandom...is full of such children. Who, don't really understand...
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posted by Ikuyomi_T
Five ships you're intoi right now
1. GerIta
2. SpaMano
4. FraNada
5. AmeriPan
Three ships আপনি used to like, but don't anymore (or don't like as much)
6. UsUk
7. FrUk
8. AusHun
Three ships you've never liked
9. RusBel
10. RusCan
11. FranceXItaly (either Italy)
Two ships your curious about but don't ship
12. BelMano
13. PruAus
1. Why do আপনি dislike 11 so much?
RusBel? Well...it's onesided...so yea...
2. Who is someone আপনি know that ships 13?
No one really...I just learned about it...
3. What would your ideal scenerio for 3 be?
PruHun...sad, I know...but how they are on 2/25/1947...don't know what...
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posted by HeartfulStitch
I wrote this originally on my Quizilla account and পোষ্ট হয়েছে it first in my spot. I decided to share it with আপনি guys as well~ This is about Ivan Braginski অথবা Russia. Enjoy and thank আপনি for reading~!

Despite what people may say about him, I do not think Ivan is scary অথবা creepy. Infact, he's really sweet. He's a yandere, yes, but, that does not mean (in my opinion) he's incapable of genuinely caring about something/someone because he is. Ivan is sweet and kind, he doesn't fake that. I find it pretty odd how people think his kindness is just a ploy to get people to drop their guard. Ivan is a lonely character and all he really wants is a friend but, প্রদত্ত that he is unsure on how to make বন্ধু he tends to scare off people due to his intimidating nature which, actually I do not find him intimidating at all. Ivan is really a gentle giant in my opinion. Like a big teddy bear~

That's all~ Thank আপনি very much for reading~!
I made a তালিকা of who I think are the character's soul mates.


France x England
Canada x America
Russia x China


Germany x Italy
জাপান x Greece


Latvia x Ukraine
Estonia x Belarus
Lithuania x Poland


Sweden x Finland
Denmark x Norway
Iceland x Hong Kong


Austria x Switzerland
Prussia x Hungary
Spain x Romano
Sealand x Liechtenstein
South Korea x Taiwan
Germania x Roman Empire
Netherlands x Belguim
Egypt x Seychelles
Thailand x Vietnam
Apparently, he was very religious as a child (most likely due to him having been raised দ্বারা the order of Teutonic Knights, a highly religious war group). This is exampled when he accidentally gropes Hungary when they were children (not having known that she was a girl during that particular point in time). However, once he discovered that he had grabbed her breasts, after Hungary had left to go fight, he is seen kneeling before an altar, begging God for forgiveness (as he believes that he has committed a sin).

Main article: America
Though there hasn't been much...
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posted by GabbyRaptor
"HOLY CRAPOLA!!! I AM LAAAAAATE!!!" I screamed. It was anther World Meeting and ive seemed to over slept....again.
"Why didn't England wake me up?" I thought.
I was running like there was no tomarrow. Please tell me why did I choose to wear a mini স্কার্ট and heels? A certain Asain...that's why....
"YO IGGY!!!!" I called out trampling my "chichi-san". I panted removing the hair from my face. "Why didnt আপনি wake me up?" I asked highly curious. Of corset I had my cheeks puffed up for extra effect. Then he seemed sort of embarrassed. He had that "OMFG" look on his face. "What? Tell me!" I was five...
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All I have to say is that I did not write this. All of the credit goes to PerfectTempest on quizilla.com . She is REALLY awesome, and writes the best ক্যুইজ results. If আপনি would like to take this ক্যুইজ go to

How it happened:
Stealthily, আপনি crept up on Yao. Sitting on a bench, presumably enjoying the flowering trees, ambushing him was too perfect to resist. One step brought আপনি closer to him, another and আপনি were almost there, last one and আপনি were close enough to embrace him. Carefully, very...
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All I have to say is that I did not write this. All of the credit goes to PerfectTempest on quizilla.com . She is REALLY awesome, and writes the best ক্যুইজ results. If আপনি would like to take this ক্যুইজ go to

The command came without warning, startling you.
“Marry me.”
Glancing at Ivan from your place on the luxurious sofa, আপনি saw his violent eyes indulging themselves in you. Was he kidding? It was hard to be sure. Scoffing, আপনি replied, “Doesn’t sound like it should.” A small, pleasant laugh tinkled from his lips and your glance...
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Again, all I have to say is that I did not write this. All of the credit goes to PerfectTempest on quizilla.com . She is REALLY awesome, and writes the best ক্যুইজ results. If আপনি would like to take this ক্যুইজ go to

Where on earth is that lovable idiot? আপনি wondered as আপনি paced impatiently, eventually throwing yourself onto the couch. He better not forgot that today is our anniversary. আপনি smiled half-heartedly. No, he’d never forget, not him. Sure, he pretends to forget sometimes, but he never does. Seriously though, আপনি frowned, where...
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Italy: নমস্কার WELCOME BACK যেভাবে খুশী READER!!! TODAY IS
Italy, Romano, and Spain: LOOK PATHETIC!!!
ROMANO: YAY!!!!!!!!
Italy: OW! THAT'S MY EAR!!!
Romano: *pissed off face*
Romano: *pulls Italy's curl with all his might*
Romano: MAKE...
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China: nihao muther f***er aru!!!
Japan:...lol whut?
China: I ব্যক্ত NIHAO MUTHER F***ING F***ER!!!!
Japan: OH YEAH!!!!
China: F*** YEA!!!
Japan: OH YEA!?
China: YEAH!!!!
Japan: NIHAO GO DIE!!!
China: NIHAO CHEW MY C**K!!!
Japan: NIHAO SUCK MY D**K!!!
Russia: *walks in* what's going on?
China: nihao russia
Japan: nihao russia san
England: *crashes through window out of nowhere
and slams into Jaapn*
Russia: YAY!!! DOGPILE!!! *naughty look at China*
China: *takes off running* HOLY F***ING S**T ARU!!
Russia: VODKAAAAAAAA!!!! *tackles China*
America: *walks in* OH YEA!!! AWESOME!!! LET ME
JOIN THE DOGPILE!!! *jumps...
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posted by Trainofdoom
Is what MOST জীবন্ত অনুরাগী think as they click on the subbed version of their জীবন্ত of choice. Heck I do it ALL the time. It's just something about the English voices that just rub me the wrong way. Plus sometimes they just COMPLETELY screw up the voices in a way that makes আপনি want to মুষ্ট্যাঘাত the voice-actors in the face. Very few anime's have good English versions.
Hetalia is one of them.
I'm going to make this short and sweet, and as unbiased as possible considering I'm a HUGE হেটালিয়া অনুরাগী 83. But there are 3 things that make the Funimation English dub of হেটালিয়া WIN.
1. The script is executed perfectly,...
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posted by MaybeBlue
This is the first fanfic I've পোষ্ট হয়েছে on fanpop. I'm so excited! ^-^ Please tell me what আপনি think. I hope you'll enjoy it!

“Wait, Arthur.” Alfred said, grabbing the Brit’s arm.
    “Let me go.” he growled.
    “Please, let me explain. I panicked, I…”
    “Save it. I had a feeling this might happen.”
    “I didn’t mean to say what I did.”
    “You didn’t mean it? We had finally decided to tell everyone about us! It was so hard to...
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posted by Cheshire_Pasta
This is just a somewhat angry/small rant. Something I'm just getting completely sick of.

So, not even about five মিনিট (A bit longer as of writing/posting this) I logged into my Tumblr dashboard and literally the first thing I see is a post from one of my followers of a DISGUSTING fanart. Before আপনি say "That's what আপনি get for following a NSFW blog" Well, honestly, most of my followers don't usually post NSFW so I don't make such a HUGE deal if they post one picture since it's not plastered all over my dash all the time. Plus, I immediately retreat away from my dashboard if I see ANYTHING...
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About half way through the movie, আপনি are curled up in a ball with tears streaming down your face, too scared to scream অথবা সরানো অথবা do anything. Poland looks at you. He notices your fright. He doesn't tease you, অথবা make fun of you. Instead, he pulls আপনি closer to him and holds আপনি tightly. Yu rest your head on Poland's chest and listen to his steady heartbeat. আপনি wanted to shout, 'I প্রণয় you!' , but আপনি remember he loves someone else. Soy sigh sadly and cuddle closer to Poland. No one notices, thank god. Eventually, to your own astonishment, আপনি fall asleep

{Magical time skip}

"Is she awake yet!?"...
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