Marzy Hart
Got a hankering for a little bloody humor? Then, you’ll probably want to check out the original web series, “SLICE.”

Created and directed দ্বারা Daniel Ferry, this horror meets dark comedy crossover stars Marzy Hart as a woman who can’t quench her thirst to kill. Marzy also produced the 7 episodes that make up the first season.

“SLICE” recently screened at Vancouver WebFest, earning a ‘Best Horror’ nomination, and will be heading to HollyWeb Fest as an ‘Official Selection’ later this month.

I recently caught up with Marzy Hart to find out আরো about “SLICE.”

How would আপনি describe your web series “SLICE”?

MARZY: “Slice” is a fun, surprising, and extreme exploration of our deepest fears. It’s for anyone who’s ever wondered if their polite, unassuming বন্ধু are really evil, sociopath killers in disguise. It’s also a collaboration with local musicians and establishments to help us tell our story, and hopefully it will shine light on a side of New York that non-locals haven’t seen before.

What can আপনি tell about your character in the series?

MARZY: Lily is all id. She’s the little voice in most peoples’ heads saying “Do it! Do the thing!!” which we know to suppress. Lily is impulsive, rarely thinking long-term and doing what feels good, when it feels good.

What would আপনি consider your characters ‘best’ quality? And their ‘worst’?

MARZY: Best quality: Self-confidence. She doesn’t put herself down অথবা have সেকেন্ড thoughts. Worst quality: Hurting other people! She doesn’t know when enough is enough and gets herself into sticky situations.

How was it producing your own project – would আপনি do it again?

MARZY: It was one of the THE MOST STRESSFUL THINGS I have ever done. I’ve never attempted to shoot so much footage in such a short amount of time. Having a low budget is challenging, because আপনি can’t always pay the people who deserve it most. আপনি have to rely on a lot of good will, and be ready to face it when people don’t প্রদর্শনী up. Sometimes, আপনি shoot an entire scene before realizing doing it another way worked much better, but আপনি only have an ঘন্টা left on location. Would I do it again? HELL YES! It’s so fulfilling. আপনি choose the script, আপনি choose who আপনি work with, আপনি are in control of everything. It’s like having a baby, I would imagine. It’s this little thing that আপনি created. আপনি get to watch it grow as it gets into fests and shared among বন্ধু and then strangers and people want more. Not only are we working on season two but I also have a bunch of other web series and short films in development.

Any interesting stories from the set আপনি can share with us?

MARZY: We had been shooting for 30 hours with very little sleep, and I had to knock over a box of cereal so that just a little falls out. I just couldn’t do it. The force of Lily had grown strong inside of me, and I kept knocking the box across the room, cereal flying everywhere. Eventually somebody else had to do it.

What made আপনি gravitate towards this genre?

MARZY: Daniel Ferry (creator, writer, director extraordinaire) and I both প্রণয় bad গাধা chicks! I’m obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica, Teyla from Stargate: Atlantis as well as all the chicks from FireFly, Fringe, নায়ক and X-Files (there’s so many more). I’ve always been inspired দ্বারা roles like that. Granted, unlike Lily their characters all worked for the greater good. We wanted to maintain a female lead that doesn’t need saving, and if আপনি think she does, then she’s playing you.

And, now just for fun:

What’s your পছন্দ food?

MARZY: I don’t want to say পিজা just because পিজা seems to be some huge craze right now, but I basically প্রণয় anything vegetarian. Veggie sushi from Beyond Sushi and পিজা from Roberta's! Oh and soba from Cocoron. All of these places are in NYC so check them out if you’re in town!

Cats অথবা dogs?
MARZY: Dogs. I have two dogs. & DogMax as well as 3 doggies prior (Charmoose, Chara, & RastaJellyFishianShabotShalomShabaka). মার্জার are cool to play with at other people’s houses অথবা if they can be indoor/outdoor.

Favorite movie from your childhood.
MARZY: I can’t pick one, so I’ll have to go with Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings series.

Tell us one thing that would surprise our readers to learn about you.
MARZY: I’m deathly afraid of horror movies. I never feel নিরাপদ in showers, elevators, অথবা near mirrors. You’ll never find me in a hostel অথবা taking a back-alley shortcut, either!

How can অনুরাগী keep up with you?
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Marzy Hart in SLICE