There are two types of people in the world - those who don't প্রণয় horror, and me. I don't need to clarify for anyone here that I'm a horror fanatic as if আপনি visited this club অথবা my পরিলেখ ever, you'd know how much I প্রণয় the genre. It is my পছন্দ genre, no contest and it has been since I was 8 years old. Maybe even before that, but that's the age I remember becoming obsessed. So in all those years, I have seen a LOT of horror চলচ্চিত্র and I have also had many years to collect them.

I realized I have not done one of these প্রবন্ধ in 8 years, and some of my পছন্দ have changed. In that time I became a Friday the 13th uber (a joke for all F13 অনুরাগী out there) fangirl and it is necessary for me to প্রকাশ a new list.

Disclaimer: These are MY পছন্দ horror movies. Mine. Not yours. Do not take my rankings personal.

Better Watch Out

This might সরানো out of my পছন্দ later, but it's still fresh in my mind and I think about it often even though I've only seen it once. It was...very disturbing but extremely well done.

Forty Nine
The Others

Normally, চলচ্চিত্র like this would bore me as it's kind of slow paced but I think it was ahead of its time. It has some truly chilling imagery as well.

Forty Eight
The Craft

I mean, who hasn't played 'light as a feather, stiff as a board'? It gets a little hokey at the end, but the rest of the journey is pretty awesome.

Forty Seven
Happy Birthday to Me

Okay, I admit to first being attracted to this movie because of the incredible poster. But I also প্রণয় 80s horror, and this one has a fun and unique twist with some innovative (for the time) deaths.

Forty Six

From the opening club bloodbath, I was hooked. Literally. I screamed at my father for interrupting me as I was watching it for the first time. And Blade is truly an iconic character.

Forty Five

Mostly, I like fun and mindless slashers but I will occasionally get deep and really প্রণয় something as off the দেওয়াল as this. I was just very drawn to it, and the characters were interesting.

Forty Four
The Woods

Interesting story, gorgeous imagery, stellar cast...there's nothing আরো to say.

Forty Three
Wrong Turn

While I প্রণয় 2 and 5 also for just being stupid fun, I think one is excellent for being a fun yet serious slasher. It's a little আরো realistic and "scary" than the rest of the series, with still characters আপনি care about and good deaths.

Forty Two
Steel Trap

It might not be the best movie, but it's fun. Usually any movie (not just horror) taking place in a high rise, I'm immediately interested in. This one utilizes the high rise and adds in a slasher. I'm sold!

Forty One
Sleepaway Camp

A fun little Friday the 13th wannabe with an incredibly awesome twist, which quite frankly is the only reason it's here. The rest of the series is unfortunately dreadful, but this one is still great.

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

The only black and white horror on this list, and maybe one of the few I actually like. I typically find b&w's difficult to sit through but this one stands apart as the best among them.

Thirty Nine
Freddy vs Jason

I've seen this movie about 3 dozen times and it's আরো fun with each watch. I প্রণয় Freddy, I প্রণয় Jason and I can't NOT প্রণয় this movie. It's a typical horror অনুরাগী wet dream (pun intended).

Thirty Eight
High Tension

Wow! I just প্রণয় a movie that has an unapologetic amount of gore, and this is one of them. That opening scene is one of the best of the genre and the ending is quite awesome also.

Thirty Seven
Killer Klowns from Outer Space

I only just saw this recently, shame on me. I can see why it's a cult classic. Who doesn't like killer clowns that ultimately just প্রণয় to eat so they kill people with ভুট্টার খই and cotton ক্যান্ডি চকোলেট to make the humans taste better? I mean, I don't want to know anyone who doesn't like this premise.

Thirty Six
Bordello of Blood

A+ cast, A+ humor, A+++++ sexy villainess and my beloved Crypt Keeper! Instant winner.

Thirty Five
The Final Destination

Yes, I know...and I don't care. It's a fun ride and has the most terrifying death (Hunt) of the franchise.

Thirty Four
Laid to Rest

This movie has everything going for it. I'm usually drawn to B movie slashers set in a small town, and this was no exception. Chromeskull is an awesome villain, and the deaths are out of this world awesome.

Thirty Three

This is also another movie I saw only recently, and again shame on me. I was struck দ্বারা how dark it is in terms of mood, I liked Kirsty a lot, and the premise is very unique.

Thirty Two
Halloween 2 (1981)

The সেকেন্ড best film in this truthfully slightly above average franchise. It stays আরো true to the slasher premise than the rest of the series, and has some great kills.

Thirty One

Pacing is everything for this movie. It's very atmospheric and relies on আরো psychological terror than physical. Sometimes it's not done right, but this time it was. No matter how many times I've seen it, it doesn't lose its appeal and sets me on edge. It deserves a sequel, but then প্রদত্ত the ending it doesn't actually NEED one as it could possibly ruin everything. Still, a great movie.