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Spoilers about Chase from Korbi Tv



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i can't see it .can anyone tell the spoiler ?please....
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Any Chase (Jesse Spencer) scoop for me? -Melanie
Indeed. Dude is going speed dating! And sources tell me House and Wilson may be as well. I hear Chase participates reluctantly, however there are several attractive women guest starring in this speed dating ep, who will show up next week as well... so perhaps it's not a complete disaster of an idea.

When is Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) returning? -Perr
Cameron's special episode should air in April from what I understand. Expect a very emotional ride for both her and Chase when the two are forced to finally confront the demise of their relationship.

If I don't get something new on the love of my life, Dr. Robert Chase, I might lose it. -Kerry
Okay, okay, calm down. Let's see... sources tell me there is another Chase-heavy hour of "House" coming up closer toward the end of the season. Word is, the episode is titled "The Choice" and that Chase and House will be doing a little karaoke singing together. Yep.

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