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(Amber's, Nina's and Piper's room)
Fabian: so how can we get the mask now that Senkhara has it?
Eddie: why does she want it anyways?
Nina: I have no idea.
Senkhara: (appears) here আপনি go. (hands Nina mask of Anubis)
Patricia: why did আপনি want it?
Senkhara: to give someone life. (disappears)
Piper: what the heck does that mean?
Alfie: maybe she needed the tears of gold.
Nina: wait that could be it.
Alfie: really? I just made that whole thing up.
Nina: what if she gave Victor the tears of স্বর্ণ to give him life.
Amber: why would she do that?
Fabian: to get something she wants. But what?
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(Girl's bathroom)
Patricia: I have to tell the others. (turns around and sees Senkhara) Senkhara?!
Senkhara: your not going anywhere.
Patricia: what are আপনি doing here?
Senkhara: the Osiren let me free.
Patricia: Eddie?
Senkhara: now. For payback for what আপনি did. I will stamp you.
Patricia: (quickly shows her mark)
Senkhara: what?! Who did that?!
Patricia: king Tut.
Senkhara: no!!! No!!!!!! (disappears)
Patricia: I can't believe Eddie brought her back. Now I am mad at him. (exits)
(drama studio)
(all Sibunas but Mick, Amber, and Patricia are sitting down on a couch)
Nina: okay. Let's go.
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posted by BridgexJordan
(Vera's house)
Vera: Victor!
Victor: excuse me Vera. (pushes her aside and enters house)
Vera: what are আপনি doing?
Victor: trying to find the cup of ankh আপনি stoled when আপনি lived in the attic.
Vera: What are আপনি talking about?
Victor: DONT আপনি LIE!!!

Mick: (enters)
Trudy: (Dusting) Did আপনি find it Mick?
Mick: nope. Wasn't there. Ether someone took it অথবা it's at the movies.
Trudy: I'll call and see if it's there. (exits)
Mara: (walks down stairs) Mick!
Mick: Not now Mara.
Mara: Mick, I need to প্রদর্শনী আপনি something.
Mick: What?
(Mara shows Mick his phone)
Mick: my phone? Where did আপনি find...
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Victor: wait these aren't my scales. Look they say Sarah Frobisher-Smiths, Robert Frobisher-Smith, Rufus Zeno, Jerry Zeno, who ever that is, Senkhara, Barney, and the one being tipped is-
Alfie: perfect. The one I was hopping it would be.
Victor: -Vera?
Mr. Sweet: how is that possible?!
Vera: Isis was wrong! It isn't possible! I will live forever! (evil laugh and exits)
Nina: after her!
(all Sibunas exit)
Ms. Robertson: how did they get in here?
Victor: they have there ways.
(Vera's house)
(Victor knocks on door then opens and her, Patricia, and Joy enter)
Victoria: Vera? Are আপনি here?...
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(Dinning room)
Mara: just let her tell us Amber.
Amber: fine.
Victoria: (sigh) watch. (starts to take off disguise reviling she is Piper)
Nina: Piper?!
Piper: yep.
Mick: why are আপনি here disguising as a different person?
Piper: long story.
Eddie: we're listening.
Piper: (sigh) well-
(King লেখক house: Jerome's room)
Anubis: (appears) have আপনি find it Anew?
Jerome: no. But I think it's behind this door I found. But I need something to get through it. I was hopping you'll know what it is.
Anubis: huh?
(Jerome shows the picture of the engraving on the phone)
ANIBIS: that is an amulet of me.
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(dinning room)
(all Sibunas but Patricia are Sitting at the টেবিল when Patricia enters)
Patricia: okay guys. I think we should kick Joy out of Sibuna. Anyone agree?
Amber: me!
Mara: why do আপনি want Joy to be kicked out?
Patricia: for what she did. To me.
Mick: all because of you?
Patricia: and Nina last term.
Nina: yeah. But I forgave her for it.
Patricia: oh come on. Joy could be bad for the search.
Alfie: Well right now don't we have to find out a way to get Jerome back?
Eddie: and the scales.
Nina: and Fabian.
Patricia: what good বন্ধু আপনি are. (exits)
Mara: well, any ideas to do any of...
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posted by BridgexJordan
Mara: thanks for coming Meagan.
Meagan: no problem. I'm glad I came. I now know my boyfriend's a big cheater.
Mara: yeah. Agree.
Meagan: well bye Mara.
Mara: bye Meagan.
(Meagan exits)
(Nina, Amber's and Victoria's room)
(Nina is on her বিছানা and amber is on her own বিছানা when Fabian enters)
Fabian: bad news.
Nina: oh no. What?
Fabian: Mick knows about Sibuna.
Amber: what? How?
Fabian: he was sleeping on the পালঙ্ক in the living room and heard all of us talking and saw us.
Nina: oh no.
Fabian: so I made him part of Sibuna.
Nina: আপনি did what?
(Living room)
(Patricia is on the পালঙ্ক with Eddie...
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posted by BridgexJordan
Anubis House (Amber's and Joy's room)
Patricia: What's going on?
Amber: Look the doll house!
(angle on a swirl forming in the doll house from there king tut comes out)
Alfie: Cool! মহাকাশ man! What planet to আপনি come from?
Fabian: who are you?
King Tut: My name is King Tutincommon.
Amber: King Tut?
King Tut: Sure…
Joy: why are আপনি in here.
King Tut: Now that Senkhara is gone, I now can come to get my treasures.
Patricia: Well, hate to break it to you, but we don't have your treasures.
King Tut: The Frobisher-Smiths গাউন my things from my tomb in 1922 and brought them back here. Now I've come to get...
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(Mara, Patricia, Joy, Fabian, Eddie, Amber, Nina, and Mick scream)
(Mick's and Alfie's room)
(Mick's mark is glowing blue)
Alfie: what is it- no!
Mick: it's not what আপনি think. It's not a tattoo. It's-
Alfie: the mark of Anubis.
Mick: yeah. how did আপনি know?


(Dinning room)
Mara: I thought আপনি ব্যক্ত it will go away. Not burn blue.
Nina: I'm sorry.
Eddie: the book of Isis is gone.
Patricia: what?
Fabian: but-
Mick: (enters with Alfie) good news guys. I made Alfie a Sibuna.
Amber: what?
Joy: I hope আপনি know that he was kicked out a long time ago.
Alfie: Come on I can do it. Just please forgive...
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(Porch of house)
Patricia: So is Victor in there?
Fabian: no. But I think it's too risky to go in there. One of us has to go in there to be sure.
Eddie: (walks up) নমস্কার guys. I'm back.
Patricia (sarcasm): oh yeppie.
Eddie: what?
Patricia: I think Eddie should go.
Eddie: go where?
Nina: Patricia wants আপনি to go in to see if it's নিরাপদ to go in.
Eddie: okay. (goes in) its safe.
(Nina, Patricia, Joy, and Fabian enter Foyer)
Fabian: okay let's hurry to our rooms. (Fabian and Eddie go to their rooms and Nina, Patricia, and Joy goes up stairs)


(Dinning room)
(Fabian, Nina, Amber, Patricia,...
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-at the house-
*everyone walks back into the house*
Eddie: I just remembered we still don't anything about Ashley.

Patricia: Yes, we do, Eddie.

Fabian: No, Patricia. We don't. We're just making assumptions.

Nina: Amber and I'll go get her.*goes upstairs*

Fabian: We're going to figure out if she's really-

Amber:*runs back downstairs* She's not up in our room!

Nina:*runs back downstairs* She might be in the tunnels.*runs to kitchen, everyone follows*

-the kitchen-
Nina:*bends down to oven, begins to untuck locket from her inside shirt, realizes it's gone* My locket! It's gone!

Fabian: How?

Amber: Ashley...
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(living room)
(Trudy is in the kitchen, Mara, Piper, Patricia, Mara, Nina, Joy, Eddie, and Alfie, and Mick are eating)
Amber: (enters with a box) Happy Birthday Piper!
Piper: Amber its not my birthday.
Amber: but আপনি said-
Joy: I was lying Amber.
Amber: oh.
Patricia: plus. If it was Piper's birthday, than it would be my birthday too.
Amber: oh. Then I'll return this sold স্বর্ণ neck less to the store অথবা better yet I'll wear it.
Piper: on 2nd thought.
Amber: no no. I'll have it. It's not your birthday anyways. And mine was just a week and a half ago.
Piper: worth a shot.
(room in the mommy sarcophagus...
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(Patricia's, Mara, Joy's room)
(Amber, Joy, and Patricia are talking when Alfie enters)
Alfie: Oh there আপনি guys are.
Amber: নমস্কার Alfie.
Patricia: where's the bucket?
Alfie: Oh Victor has it.
Joy: what was in it?
Alfie: the scales.
Joy, Amber, and Patricia: WHAT?!?!
Eddie: mmmmmm… this is so good.
Mara: calm down Eddie.
Eddie: it's good.
Mick: agh.
Jerome: excuse me.
Jerome's dad: okay.
(Jerome exits)
Eddie: I have to go to the restroom. My.… ummm… stomach hurts.
Mara: it's from eating fast I bet.
Eddie: (exits)
Mick: finally we're alone.
Mara: no. I'm still mad at আপনি for the...
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Anubis House (dinning room)
(Fabian and Joy are together on one couch, Patricia is on the পালঙ্ক across, Trudy is in the রান্নাঘর doing the dishes, and Mara and Jerome are on another পালঙ্ক with Jerome's arm over Mara)
Fabian: So how was your Christmas, Joy?
Joy: Good. You?
Fabian: Good.
Patricia: Did আপনি talk to Nina over Christmas.
Fabian: yeah.
Mara: Where is Nina?
Fabian: She should be here anytime now.
Joy (side মতামত and sarcasm): oh joy.
(Alfie and Amber enter dinning room)
Amber: Alber is here!
Mara: hi guys.
Alfie: (walks over to Jerome and Mara and sits in the middle of them) What's up...
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-The পরবর্তি Morning-
Ashley:*wakes up with a gasp* آه, لقد كان حلما.*gasps*صوتي! نينا, العنبر, يستيقظ!

Nina and Amber:*wake up*

Amber: What's going on?

Nina: I don't know. What's wrong, Ashley?

Ashley: صوتي!

Nina and Amber:*gasp*

Nina: You're not speaking English!

Amber: But she can understand it.

Nina: আপনি think Senkhara did it?


Nina: Maybe Fabian will now what to do.

-In The Dining Room-
*everyone is eating breakfast, Nina, Amber, and Ashley enter and take their seats*

Amber: Tell him now.

Nina: Okay. Fabian, we have a a little problem.

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Nina: Wait!*goes to her bed, takes out a box, takes the actual missing pages out, closes box, hands pages to Ashley*

Ashley: Thanks.*puts the pages in the book, the book begins to glow and the hieroglyphics turn into English words* From the fire, আপনি shall unearth! From Hell, I bring আপনি back to Earth!

Senkhara:*appears in the corner of the room* Thank you, child. Now I can get my revenge on the Chosen One and the Osirien!*disappears*

Amber: Hey, I'm all better!

Nina: That's great, Amber. But we have to get to Eddie before Senkhara does!

*Nina, Amber, and Ashley run out of their room and downstairs*...
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Nina: What do আপনি mean it's not there?

Amber: I mean I don't see it!*stands up* Where did she put it?

Nina: It has to be around here somewhere.

Amber and Nina:*looking around the room for Ashley's book bag*

Amber: Found it!*grabs it from the closet*

Senkhara:*appears in front of Amber*


Nina: Amber!*gasps* Senkhara?!

Senkhara: Hello again, Chosen One.

Nina: How? What?

Senkhara: আপনি friend is helping me get back so I can get my revenge on আপনি for sending my to Hell.*to Amber* So now book for you!*holds out her hands, they start glowing*

Amber:*grabs onto her stomach* Ow!

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Joy's, Patricia's, and Mara's room)
Patricia: come on. Let's go find the scales.
(the Sibunas get up to see Senkhara blocking the door and they all gasp)
Senkhara: your not going anywhere.
Mick: is that Senkhara?
Amber: yep.
Mara: that looks like the ghost me and Eddie were hunting last term.
Eddie: it is.
Nina: what do আপনি want?
Senkhara: I've only came to remove your marks.
Mick: oh okay.
Fabian: no. How can we trust আপনি after all the other things you've done to us. Trying to kill us.
Senkhara: like this. (lifts hands up and says something in Egyptian and the Sibuna's marks start to glow.)...
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Amber: I was, um, checking if আপনি had today's homework.

Ashley: I didn't go to school today.

Amber: Right.

Ashley:*snatches Book of Isis from Amber* Stay out of my bag!*puts book in bag, goes back to sleep*

Amber:*sighs, gets in bed*

-The পরবর্তি Morning-
*all of Sibuna is in the dining room*
Nina: Now how are we going to get the book?

Jerome: Amber couldn't get it?

Amber: I almost had it, but then she woke up.

Fabian: Why don't we just make her tired, like we did to Victor?

Mara: I like it.

Nina: Good idea, Fabian.

Fabian: We'll do it tonight.

Ashley:*enters dining room, sits দ্বারা Joy, her book bag on her shoulder*...
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posted by noahnstar1616
-that night-
Ashley:*sits up in bed**thinks: How am I going to get past that wall?*

Nina:*sleeping in her turns over on her side, revealing her locket*

Ashley:*gasps, gets out of bed, walks over to Nina* That's what I need. I wonder if I could just...*removes locket from Nina's neck**whispers* Yes!*goes back to her bed, puts locket around her neck, tucks it inside her pajama shirt, goes to sleep*

-The পরবর্তি Day-
Ashley:* fake coughs*

Amber: Sick again, Ashley?


Amber: I'll tell Victor-

Ashley: No! I mean, don't. It's fine.

Amber: Oh. Okay.*to Nina* C'mon Nina.

Nina and Amber:*walks downstairs...
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