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house_whatelse posted on Nov 09, 2008 at 02:47AM
Right now I am an ubiased opinion on shipping and I have sources who back me up on that. So I thought it would be great if the ships have a campaigning contest. Basically you all give reasons why someone who is undecided who wants to ship ONE ship should ship this ship. At the end I will decide who was most convincing group of people, that doesn't mean I'll start shipping though.

1. Only POSITIVE comments are to be made- only say good things about your ship on your forum. No bashing of other ships at anytime and no showing how they wouldn't work.

PUNISHMENT- If I were to see any bashing of any ships on their forum or on yours I will YANK this contest off as soon as I seen it and the contest will immediately end.

PRIZE- Besides knowing your group did the best at campaigning which doesn't mean your ship is the best it just means you did the best at campaigning, the sole person that I thought had the best comment that pushed the undecided person over the edge will get props.

Lastly, people this is not meant to be taken as a serious thing, it's just a little fun contest people will have fun doing. I'm making things clear right now, Bashing and Fighting = Unhappy HW and unhappy HW isn't always the best thing. So ABSOLUTELY NO BASHING!

HouseCam 26 উত্তর

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বছরখানেক আগে rainbowedlife said…
Aw, this has been posted for five hours - no one has replied. I was craving something different from Huddy but intelligent. If my icon wasn't telling you anything, I am a Huddy-shipper but I am very open minded and would not mind some smart Hameron feedback. I will be checking back, of course, good day to all Ham shippers! :D
বছরখানেক আগে misanthrope86 said…
I would like to lend my support to this campaign too, even though I will be campaigning more vigorously for another ship (or 2!).
There are a couple of other fans who have said some great things in another forum in this spot, so I hope they come here and voice their opinions too!

I think the House/Cameron relationship is very important because Cameron is almost like House's emotional compass. She alerts him better than anyone else to when he is being particularly insensitive. Importantly, I think that he actually takes on board some of the things that she says.

বছরখানেক আগে Evrythingmaters said…
This is a great idea! With possitive things flying about and no bashing and everyone talking about their love for their ship I think it will really help our beloved House md spot!

*puts on campaign hat*
বছরখানেক আগে Evrythingmaters said…
Why I love Hameron...
Essay number 1, Undersatnding and acceptance:

One of the strongest reasons why I believe that House and Cameron should be together is the understanding that goes on between them, Cameron is argueably the most empathetic character on the programme and takes to heart all emotions from other doctors and patients; for example, her obvious pain and sympathy for the dying guy in One Day One Room. On top of that in No Reason when House got shot the first time her body language (arm movement - hands straight to heart as opposed to hands to mouth) shows her empathy and connection to House.
Having been through a lot of pain and grief herslf and having the predisposition need to care for everyone as well as this ablilty to connect with people would immediatly draw her to House who is a beakon of pain and misery. Origonally (season 1) I think that her attraction to him was based on his need for someone to care about him but House puts up all these guard and layers of which I think that just made Cameron even more determined to break through. As the seasons progressed I think that Cameron understood House even more; why he did what he did and treated people the way he did. She stood up to Cuddy and Wison when they tryed to teach House a lesson of humility. She can see beneth the guards he puts up and can see that he actually does care about other people and therefore doesnt need to change - she accepts him.
She is his moral conscience to a degree, letting him know when he has gone too far, but she never tryed to change him because of who she can see inside. For example season 4 episode The Right Stuff: House did not tell nassa of the patients condition, now surely if he truely was as uncaring as he makes himself out to be sometimes, he would of told them but because he cares he didnt. House's reason for this was that it was nobody's businness which shows that he is trying to hide his feelings and isnt an answer at all. Cameron saw through this immediatly saying that the true reason why he didn't tell was that he couldn't kill her (the patients) dream. The look as she said this showned so much love and understanding and almost a proudness at him and what he did for the patient. She understands there is more to House, he is complicated and she is not only intrigued by this but I believe she truely loves him.
This understanding goes the other way as well. House is constantly intrigued by her and her actions, like her almost break down in maternity and her actions in Informed Consent. He analyses her and understands her. For example in Lines in the Sand when after a disscussion in Wilson's office she approaches him wanting him to open up, House says 'My parnets loved me unconditionally'. He knew before she said anything that what he said before would have made her concerned.
It is this degree of undertanding that they have of each other as well as acceptance, that for me is the most prominant thing in their chemistry and I absolutly love it and believe that it is why they should be together.

বছরখানেক আগে Evrythingmaters said…
That was a bit long!
I have about another 10 reasons why I love Hameron!! maybe later....
বছরখানেক আগে miss_orange said…
my opinion about shiping is that people who love each other are supose to be diffrent from each other.
because, humains alwas wants the best for them and for there personnality, so they realise there faults, so that will be very clear to them self. if they met other people, who has the same fauls, the will be able to ntice this fauls.and they will judge it.
people have sign in there personnality, they're is people that are positive (+), and others that are negative (-).
every body knows that + and + repulse, and - and - repulse too. but + and - get attached.
physics rules could work on human feelings.
House said that sevens don't go with fours. he's wrong. sevens even go with trees, 'cause they form a ten, which is perfect.
House and Cameron are different from each other, that's why they felt in love with each other.
they are like fire and water, sun and moon, when they come together, they make a beautiful thing, that is called, HAMERON...
বছরখানেক আগে miss_orange said…
i love this forum!! great idea...
বছরখানেক আগে hameron_rocks said…
i agree with miss_orange...
বছরখানেক আগে HuddyCrazy1331 said…
I may not ship Hameron, but that was a very good reply EM!!! Props for you!!! :DD
বছরখানেক আগে Evrythingmaters said…
Thanks HC1331! I will come over to the huddy campaign to read all your interesting and interlectual comments when i can face up to having my brain fried by OM! lol
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বছরখানেক আগে midnyte007 said…
EM, please post more on this thread. I loved reading what you wrote. It definitely gave me a whole new appreciation for Hameron even if I don't ship them.
বছরখানেক আগে rainbowedlife said…
I'm beginning to like Hameron so much more after I reading what Evrythingmaters posted. This spot doesn't have to be about how much you guys hate other ships, let's spread the Ham love!
বছরখানেক আগে Evrythingmaters said…
Common you Hams out there! Wherever you are! Lets share the beautiful warm glow that is Hameron!
*hugs midnyte007 and rainbowedlife*
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বছরখানেক আগে Evrythingmaters said…
Essay 2, House needs Cameron:

I want to refer back to season 1 in the episodes leading up to the Hameron date. What gets to me occasionally is when people use Cameron 'blackmailing' House to go on a date to give there realtionship a bad name. I completely agree that everyone is entitled own opinion on this factor so im am going to share mine.
Cameron said that she would come back to work if House went on a date with her, now my understanding of blackmailing is DO this OR something bad will happen, so what cameron said, to me, really isnt blackmailing, she didnt threaten to kill him or do anything horrible if he didnt go on a date with her, she was just asking for a chance to tell him how she feels and find out for herself where she stands. I just wanted to point that out.
Back to the point, as we know from the volgler arc House doesnt do take kindly to being forced into a corner, his pride and ego stand above decency and doing the right thing to protect his friends. As well as that has shown many times his lack of caring for anyone, so from what we know of Houses character and tendencies I would of thought that having to go out of his way to get Cameron back wouldnt have happened. Wrong. House has said himself that Cameron, although one of the top in her class, was not the best so he could of easily found someone else as medically talented as her to fill the position but he didnt. He needs her and was prepared to endure the mind numbingly boring social niceties (ref Lines in the Sand to how he finds human contact) in order to get Cameron back. Why? medically he could have found someone else, but I believe that he needs her and truely wanted her back for her.
The date: House not only went on the date but got Cameron a flower broach. This was completely his choice, she didnt ask for one and even if expected on a date, House doesnt normally comply to social expectations and i would of thought that if he was trying to get it all over and done with as soon as possible he wouldnt have gone to all that trouble. AND on top of all that he evaded he question, hiding behind his shield of analysising other people instead of his own emotions. He never actually said how he feels TOWARDS her, guarding himself from possible hurt and his almost compultion to stay alone, because he feels threatened by his love for her
My conclusion? He needs her and behind all the pretences and guards he puts up for whatever reasons, House loves Cameron, a deep needing love based on understanding and acceptance of eachother (as i said in another post) and I think that they heal eachother and could happy.

NB. Heal not change
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বছরখানেক আগে suu said…
First off all, I have to applaud to HW. What a great idea for a contest.
I think we all had enough of that war between the different ships.
I, for once, love Cuddy’s character but I just prefer House with Cameron. Nonetheless I totally respect the Huddy fans.

Now, let’s get to what matters, why should someone ship Hameron?

Well, before I get to the heart of the question I have to say something first.
When House first aired in my country it didn’t really get my attention (I know, I know...crazy hun?). My mum used to watch it and I was like ‘What’s so special about it?’
But then, one day, I decided to give it a try and watched my first House Episode (that was one of the greatest decisions in my life, don’t you agree?).
Anyhow, it was the episode where House goes to Cameron’s house and asks her to come back (I think it’s the ‘Kids’ episode, but I’m not sure).
Since I had never watched an episode of House before, I didn’t know who Cameron was but, when I saw that last scene I remember that the first thing I thought was ‘he must have some sort of feelings for that girl’.
I have to say that that scene between the two of them was one of the reasons that made me continue watching House. I wanted to know how their date went: P
And that’s how I started ‘shipping’ Hameron. Right from the beginning.

Other reason why I love Hameron:
.I think they have such a great chemistry. Sometimes they don’t even say a word but their change of looks (I’m not sure if I said it right) says it all.
.Even though their date didn’t go as it was planned, you can se how much effort House put into it (that scene at his house when Wilson gives him advices about what to do when on a date).
.Even Wilson realises that there’s something between the two of them. For instance, in that same episode before the ‘date’, he goes talk to Cameron to make sure she doesn’t break House’s heart.
.That classical scene when they’re on his bike and he grabs Cameron’s arms and puts them around his waist. It just shows how comfortable they are with each other.
.Even after she supposedly moved on, she still has feelings for him.
.That scene where House goes to Cameron’s encounter (when she’s crying and he puts a hand on her shoulder) and says he’s proud of her. He respects her and knows how much she’s worth it.
.She misses him and so does he.

And there are so many more scenes that I didn’t mention that perfectly describe how much these two characters get along so well.

Anyway, these are only my thoughts. Not everyone has to agree with them.

(One more thing, I’m sorry for any spelling/grammar mistake).
বছরখানেক আগে midnyte007 said…
Well said, suu. As for the spelling/grammar mistakes, I think you did just fine. The important thing is that we understand what you're trying to say and I certainly understood you.
বছরখানেক আগে Evrythingmaters said…
I agree with you suu!
Dont get me started on the looks! They are so HOT! I literally melt when they give each other such deep looks! awwwwwwwww! Especailly when she helps him put on the sling and when he first sees her in her party dress and in the the 'ignorance is bliss' scene.... ohhh and the 'you couldnt kill her dream' bit and the scene at the end of Que Sera Sera..... I love the way they look into each others eyes, so full of understanding and love!
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বছরখানেক আগে suu said…
Exactly Evrythingmaters! I loved that scene at the end of the Que Sera Sera episode.

House: Okay, I give up. Who was it? Who in your family had the weight problem?
Dr. Cameron: You think I can only care about a patient if I know someone else who's been through the same thing?
House: You care for everybody! You only lie and stand up to Cuddy for a few.
Dr. Cameron: You lie for everybody and only care about a few!
House: You're avoiding the question.
Dr. Cameron: I like damaged people, remember? Explains everything I do!
House: Almost everything. It wasn't you, was it?
Dr. Cameron: Does it matter?
House: No, but it would be interesting.
Dr. Cameron: Sorry to disappoint you. Sometimes the answers just aren't that simple.

Brilliant scene! Love it. Specially the last quote from Cameron.

Oh, and one of the other scenes that I really love is the one from Season 1, Episode 12, when
House asks Cameron to go with him to a monster truck rally. To me, that was their ‘first date’. It was so nice seeing them completely relaxed and laughing at the rally, really having a good time together (with no drama at all).
I think everyone who sees this scene has to agree that they really get along very well.

Anyway, most (if not all) of their scenes have such a great tension between the two of them.

*Now I feel like watching those episodes again!*

বছরখানেক আগে Evrythingmaters said…
Those are some of my favourite scenes! Especially the Que Sera Sera bit!! I think you said all that need to be said for them Suu! :D
বছরখানেক আগে kylaJE said…
I think one of my favorite Hameron scenes of season 5 so far is from the Itch.
House and Cameron are in the sick agoraphobe's house and are arguing about whether he should be taken to the hospital. House wants it done because the man is asleep and won't know, but Cameron protests, because his wishes are still important even thought he is asleep. She puts the patients wishes above her own opinion.
Did anyone besides me catch how important this is?
When House was asleep, he chose one way, but Stacy
took advantage of him being asleep, and defied his wishes. This left him with pain in his leg that looks like it is going to stay for the rest of his life. That relationship soon ended.
Cuddy helped her, and encouraged her, and he was bitter about it for a long time, and might even still be.
Cameron is the only one who would honor his choice about his medical care above her own, no matter what. For a person like Gregory House, this is huge.
বছরখানেক আগে Evrythingmaters said…
I think I understand what you mean kylaJE. Well done for picking up on that! :D

It sort of relates to what OM said in her 'climb out of your holes people' article reguarding House the way he uses other people to test out his theories of change. I would like to quote the wise words of OM (hope that is ok): "House takes such an interest in the lives around him because he is using them as sort of guiena pigs for testing this theories about change.... He analyzes everything about situation and prys into that person’s life... He watches and studies to see what the change will bring to them, will it be bad or will it be good?....." (credit Oldmovie)

I read this article and then read kyleJE's comment above and thought how intelligent everyone is, not even the tiniest detail escapes anaylsis.
As far a Hameron is concerned, House watched how Cameron handled the situation all to familiar to him, respecting the patient's wishes and standing up for this. House sees himself in the position of others and uses those situations to draw conclusions about his own life, so for him, Cameron being the only one who respected a sleeping parients wishes(agoraphobic and in guy in Informed Consent), when both Stacy and Cuddy didnt (for House in Three Stories), would have had a big impact on House, showing him that he can trust her and that she, if she had been there when House had his infarction, would have stood by him.
Hopefully House will analyse this and realise just how safe he is with Cameron (wouldn't get hurt or be abandoned)

Basically, what kylaJE said :D
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বছরখানেক আগে miss_orange said…
i hope that one of the Huddies confissed with the Hameron's opinoin.
বছরখানেক আগে midnyte007 said…
Did anyone else here notice that Cameron was the only one of the old ducklings to stick with the differential for the gunman in "Last Resort?" It Cameron who also eventually came up with the right diagnosis. OMG, I'm officially a Cameron fan now.
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বছরখানেক আগে Evrythingmaters said…
YAY midnyte007!!!!!!
Cameron's awesomeness has reached you!!!

And thinking about it now... I reckon your right
বছরখানেক আগে Evrythingmaters said…
*wanders in*

This is some good pro-hameron stuff guys!
বছরখানেক আগে miss_orange said…
KylaJE! i totally didn't see that!!