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RP_Puzzle posted on Jan 20, 2009 at 07:34PM
I dunno if this justifies my own topic, but I wanted to make one anyway :).

So I've been rewatching season 1 with my friend and I just thought I'd share a few thoughts.

First of all, in the first episode House says he hired Cameron to get into her pants. So when he had the opportunity to why didn't he? Maybe cause he got to know her and found her annoying? Yet if he thought that he wouldn't have tried so hard to get her back. Darn you House I wish I could figure you out lol.

Next is remember in one of the recent episodes where Chase asked Cameron if she slept with House and was all mad about the possibility? I find it funny that in their date episode Chase advises her to jump House to get what she wants lol. Though I guess that is an example of how characters change overtime.

I also saw some Hameron bits in painless. I think Cameron could still like him as not only did she do his paperwork for him, but she also gave him a patient she hoped would help him see his leg problem in a different light.

But at the same time the preview for the next episode? Makes me want to bawl House is so mean to her! Jeez you think he could be a bit nicer; she's doing her best! Though some people have pointed out (and I agree) that maybe she deserves it for making House look at his bleak, pain-filled future.

Also my favorite Hameron scene is in season 1 (I think it was Heavy) is where House thinks Cameron messed up the medication and that's why the patient had skin neucrosis. Cameron was dang pissed at him and let him know it and he ran out with his tail between his legs. See it's this Cameron I hope to see in the upcoming episodes, one that knows how she feels and doesn't put up with crap.

I also like that episode where Cameron comes in and makes everyone think her way cause she read a negotiations book or something (I think it was the mob one wasn't it?). I love it cause it showed how much she liked House. She was so brave in that episode, even though it broke my heart to hear House's response (grr...)

Oh also the episode where House is talking to Wilson about Cameron and House asks why Wilson hasn't made a pass at Cameron and Wilson's like who says I haven't? Then the look on House's face and Wilson's like oooohhhh you're in trouble or something. Lol that was awesome and it shows House cared! And that's also the episode where Cameron compares House to God XD.

Anyway yeah Hameron is awesome! My friend likes the Hameron stuff too we're watching them together and we haven't quite gotten to Stacy, but she's like aw I want him to be with Cameron. Then the kiss was epic too ah man! What can I say about that that hasn't already been said? ^_^
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বছরখানেক আগে miss_orange said…
big smile
i agree with your ideas, and i have noticed that in the last epi when cameron told house that she is gonna marie chase, i think he hade some tiers in his eyes...
you also remided me of a lot of Cute Scenes, like when Wilson did all the Who told you that i didn't? and House looks at him with this jealous look, so CUTE!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
বছরখানেক আগে RP_Puzzle said…
Really I didn't notice the tears in his eyes I'm definitely taking another look at that. I thought Cameron was the one who had tears in her eyes.

And it turns out that episode with Cameron in charge was awesome Hameron, which is good :D. Seriously love that Wilson and House scene when they're talking about Cameron.