How to Get Away with Murder What was your পছন্দ scene/part in 'Who's Dead'? (3x09)

Pick one:
Bonnie convinces Frank to NOT kill himself
Annalise breaks down at the beauty parlor and finds out Atwood is stalking her
Annalise puts Atwood in her place about stalking her
Annalise confronts Nate&Nate puts Annalise in her place&break up with Atwood
Michaela and her mom argue about….everything
Annalise gets drunk,burns all her files from Lila's murder on&destroys her laptop
Drunk Annalise goes to Bonnie's house,Bonnie feeds her,puts her to bed&they চুম্বন
Connor tells Oli that he didn't have a substance problem&he starts investigating
Bonnie asks Frank to take the fall for all of the murders to protect Annalise
Almost everyone breaks down over the news that Wes is dead
Nate tells Annalise that Wes was DeadBeforeTheFire as we watch Wes's last moments
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