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New promo, anyone? From iphone app thingy... Credit to housefanz on youtube... is this the right way to credit people? Have never added a video before but this was screaming to be shared!

(House looked at the X-Ray of Cuddy’s chest; which showed multiple lesions on one side of her left lung.)

Wilson: They ব্যক্ত yes, she’s being prepped for surgery.

House: That’s what caused the cysts and the excess trauma.

Wilson: She’s going to be okay.

House: Yeah. She is.

(Wilson left, whilst House let out a sigh of relief and a small smile.)


(It was the end of the পরবর্তি day, when Houses went to see Cuddy in ICU. The nurses were taking the tube that helped her breathe out of her throat. When the left House entered and brought a মল from the side of the room and sat on it, waiting...
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‘Oh my god Lisa’ She thaught to herself. It must have been wrong so she tried another. After her 3rd one she did a test in the hospital. This one would definitely tell her the truth. She waited for 3 hours and at 2 in the afternoon she ran down in private and checked her results: Positive. Cuddy couldn’t believe it. She had spent so much time and money trying to get pregnant with artificial crap when really all she needed was good ol’ fashion sex. Then it hit her who the father was: House! She was so happy but so horrified at the same time. What was House going to think, would this...
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It was fifteen মিনিট to eight o’clock; House had a বিয়ার in one hand, while the other was playing a slow jazz number on the piano. He was dressed in a midnight black blazer, black corduroy pants and a clean white শার্ট with a black t-shirt underneath. The lights were dim; his curtains open to let the moon light in.

An apprehensive knock on the door, made him hold the last note. He slowly got up, and walked towards the door; opening it with a smirk on his face. Cuddy stood in the doorway, her perfect curls barely touching her bare shoulders. She was wearing a strapless, short, black lace...
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Cuddy and her তারিখ Jason, had pulled up outside her home, they sat in silence for a moment; which felt like a lifetime, before Jason cleared his throat.

Jason: So, are আপনি going to invite me in, অথবা should I wait another five মিনিট before আপনি ask me?

Cuddy scoffed at his forwardness, and felt it was similar to House’s persona.

Cuddy: It’s late, I’ve got work in the morning; I’m sorry.

Jason nodded and smiled, obviously knowing he had put his foot in it.

Jason: I guess this means goodnight then.

Cuddy smiled sweetly at him, before she left his car; regretfully walking away and to her front...
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