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 Why do আপনি hurt me?
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It's a bit lame. I'm totally open to criticism and suggestions, so if আপনি have any উপদেশ on how to make it better, please tell me! Thanks.
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This Huddy অনুরাগীদের শিল্প contains প্রতিকৃতি, ধনু, and চতুর.

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Hy Huddy অনুরাগী it's my প্রবন্ধ about House's holidays, how he spend his বড়দিন and New year, with some Huddy, but not fro the start, so Huddy অনুরাগী may skip few parts till third chapter

House were sitting on his পালঙ্ক in his apartment with bottle of Vicky watching some kind stupid TV-show. It was late ঘন্টা and he expected to spend his evening alone, doing nothing. But when he was about to finish drinking half of bottle, he heard loud knocking at his door. House were already quite drunk so it made quite difficult to climb to the door. before opening he tried to shout something, but alcohol...
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"Hi Anabel, It's Mel, I know আপনি called Greg about 5 অথবা 6 hours ago, what did আপনি say?"
"I ... I just told him ... Mel, Greg's mom died last night in stomach cancer, doctors could do nothing because the cancer was already well advanced, she had spent a মাস and a half in the hospital but she forbade us to say something to Greg, I gotta go, please tell Greg that has to come to Vermont for the funeral of Blythe "
Mel was in shock.
"Oh no! She is doing the same face as House did. "Wilson said.
"What happened Mel?!" Cuddy ব্যক্ত desperately.
"Hou-House's mom died of cancer in the stomach"
"Oh God!"...
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That same night, House heavily opened Pitt’s office door. He burst in his loud but in a calm voice upon entering that made his doctor look blankly at him.
House: আপনি idiot, আপনি told her!
Pitt: She told আপনি I told her?
House rolled his eyes.
House: Would I be here if not?
House took the আসন across his doctor as Pitt looked at him after placing a paper in front of him.
House: What’s this?
House took the paper while Pitt leaned on his chair.
Pitt: Rehab and therapy schedules. I’ve changed a few things. I figured that it would be better if আপনি knew.
House read on and looked at his doctor after.
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It had just gone six o’clock, and the clinic was reaching the point of emptiness. Cuddy was in her office, when she got a page. The look on her face was of horror, and despair. Quickly grabbing the phone, she called Wilson’s extension number, her words where disjointed, as she gasped for breath between each word.

“It’s House.” Wilson asked what had happened, since the sound of her voice seemed to infect him too with a sense of worry and alarm. “Get to the ER.” Cuddy slammed the phone down, before grabbing her white doctor’s coat, and making her way to the emergency room.

It wasn’t...
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house md
হাগ লরি
season 7
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Hiyaaaaaaaa peeps! Thank for reviewing my fic. What you're doing makes me happy! A lot happy!

Last week on twitter 1800HouseSauce featured my fanfic with her blog and I can't be as happy as I am now!

I made a scheme about the future chapters because THIS IS NOT OVER YET!

Be ready to see a drunken House and a visit from a member of the House's family. But all this fic can't be sunshine and ফুলেরসাজি so you'll have to be ready for some angst. Not much b/coz I don't like it too:)

If আপনি want to help me অথবা আপনি have nice ideas to share with me, follow me on twitter অথবা add me on MSN অথবা on Skype. Send me...
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Hi guys, i know most of people in FANpop can't read french, but at the moment i can't write in english.
it's the first part. the সেকেন্ড par will be the last and will be short.
so my fiction it's about House and cuddy when they were in med school.

C’était le 1er septembre 1985 Lisa cuddy commençait sa première année de médecin. Aujourd’hui avait lui son premier cours. Heureusement pour elle c’était à 10h. Elle était arrivée seulement hier soir, elle n’avait pas eu le temps de visiter le campus.
Elle se leva à 8h30 se prépara et vers 9h30 elle partait en direction de son amphi...
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"Drive safe. Goodnight!" Cuddy yelled as her family and বন্ধু left for their cars.
Feeling the soft chill of night air on her exposed arms, Cuddy quickly went back inside her home.
She saw all the empty glasses and plates left on the টেবিল and various presents scattered around her আগুন place.It was a lot to clean up, but she decided to wait until the morning. It would be saturday afterall, and she'd be up early with Rachel.
Cuddy smiled at the thought of her little girl. The baby naming ceremony had been fun. Her parents were surprisingly civil to one another, her sister was less judgmental...
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Cuddy woke up in বিছানা feeling like she had eaten a pound of salt, after that salt had hit her on the head repeatedly. She couldn’t remember one thing from last night. She tried to remember how she got প্রথমপাতা and finally came to the conclusion that since she was still in her work clothes it must have been Wilson who brought her home. She wondered what had happened last night that made her drink like that, but finally gave up when thinking about it made her head pulse like a ticking bomb.

She didn’t open her right away, she just turned over under the covers and groaned. Even though her eyes were...
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