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fanart starting from Lyrics of song "Bliss" দ্বারা Vanessa Paradis
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lisa edelstein
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lisa edelstein
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lisa edelstein
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posted by HLforever
Inspired দ্বারা one of Lisa's pics from H Magazine. Thanks to @PC for the idea! This poem is a tribute to the beautiful Lisa Edelstein.


Her beauty.
It is something indescribable.
The way sunlight hits the ground in a forest,
dappled দ্বারা the leaves.
only broken দ্বারা the rustle of branches
and the slow gurgle of a languid stream.
The way moonlight hits a quiet pond,
the glow rippling out
until it melds seamlessly into the darkness.
Can আপনি put that into words?

She walks down the hallway,
a picture ফ্রোজেন in time,
for just one moment.
Her dress flows behind her,
the wings of a butterfly,
or the glow that...
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posted by huddyforever
Ok so this is just a little আরো insight to what their relationship was like before something happened...It's a little hard to explain right now but as chapters go on you'll get it...hopefully. Lol. Enjoy! :)

Lisa’s fragile body was being held close to someone’s chest. She looked up with a smile and saw Hugh smiling back at her. “Always and forever.” They ব্যক্ত synchronized.


Lisa shot up and out of her dream to the sound of cars colliding outside. Welcome to L.A. Her head pounded and the tiny bit of sunlight shining...
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posted by migle
This is my first fanfic for them, not very successful, but I hope it will in the future..
it's about what happened after shooting "help me"

„House“ filming stage, in “help me” last scene filming progress . David কূল ব্যক্ত - “action”, and Hugh with Lisa start অভিনয় last scene. They both stood close to each other waiting when David will say “action” again, now House and Cuddy should চুম্বন and both actors nervously waiting for start. They both are just good বন্ধু and professional actors so অভিনয় kisses shouldn’t be very hard. And they already acted স্নেহ চুম্বন before, বছর ago...
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posted by huddysmacked
Sorry been updating some other fics so I’m so sorry…Mm sooo Yeah they ended up kissing. What will they do next? Will Lisa stop him অথবা will she allow it? Read ahead and thank আপনি for the Oh so beautiful reviews! Keep them up =))

Lisa was still holding his cheek and as they kissed she managed to pull him closer. Hugh did the same, with the hand on her waist. The চুম্বন hadn’t grown passionate, they were enjoying and tasting something that maybe only happen once.

Lisa hated to do it but she needed air to breathe, so she broke it. Hugh opened his eyes searching for Lisa’s lips, they were...
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