"I win!" Stormkit meowed with triumph as he stood over his sister, Dawnkit. Dawnkit growled. "Get off of me আপনি badger!" Stormkit growled back, now sitting on her. "No!" "Sandstorm! Sandstorm Stormkit won't get off of me!" Sandstorm looked up from licking their other sister Brightkit.

"Stormkit. Get off your sister!" Sandstorm meowed sternly but fondly. "But she called me a badger!" Stormkit protested. Sandstorm looked sternly at Dawnkit. "Dawnkit say your sorry." "But I don't wanna-" She was cut off দ্বারা Stormkit sitting harder on her. "Sorry! Sorry!" Dawnkit meowed. "Good. Now Stormkit get off of your sister." Stormkit obeyed and jumped off. Dawnkit glared at her brother. "That was SO un-fair!" "How? I won." "You bit me on the ear!" "Breezingclan would've done the same thing!" Stormkit argued. Sandstorm purred with amusement. "And what would আপনি know about Breezingclan?"

"Lots!" Brightkit meowed jumping up. "We've heard a lot of Bramblestar and Mistystar's clan meetings about them."

"Yea! And some of the elders told us stories." Dawnkit added happily.

Stormkit wasn't paying attenuation. He was watching a proud Thornclaw bring his mate, Blossomfall, and their first kit Berrykit, a mouse.

Stormkit sighed sadly. The great Firestar had been his father. Yet Firestar died in the fight with the dark forest মার্জার before Sandstorm knew she was pregnant with his kits.

Firestar would never bring them fresh-kill. অথবা come to watch them train. অথবা stand দ্বারা and watch proudly as they became warriors.

Firestar's best friend Graystripe, had always brought them fresh-kill. "Anything for Firestar's kits." Graystripe would meow firmly. And Stormkit loved Graystripe. But he wasn't their real father.

Sandstorm stood up and walked over to Stormkit. "I know it's hard. But your father would've been proud of all 3 of you." Sandstorm meowed quietly. Then she licked the শীর্ষ of his head. Stormkit felt better.

"I know. And I'll see him one দিন in Starclan right?" Sandstorm purred. "Yes, that's right. But that's such a long way from now." She meowed gently. "I know. But still-" He was cut off when both Brightkit and Dawnkit pounced on him.

"We win!" They chorused. Brightkit jumped off leaving only Dawnkit on. "Hey! Get off of me!"

Stormkit meowed angerly. Dawnkit wouldn't listen. "No! Your an enemy warrior from Breezing clan! And I, Dawnstar, leader of Hurricane Clan will make আপনি run back to your camp with your tail tucked in!"

'Dawnstar' leaned down and bit him on the ear. "OW!" Stormkit yowled. His used his weight and threw off his sister. "I hope your not really the leader because your not very heavy." Stormkit meowed licking a paw.

Dawnkit glared at her brother. "I will be someday! And Brightsong will be my deputy." Stormkit guessed 'Brightsong' was really Brightkit.

"Alright আপনি three that's enough. Come over here and take a nap." Sandstorm said. "Aw! But were not tired!" Brightkit wailed.

"Yea! And our game's not finished!" Dawnkit said, yawning.

"Please Sandstorm!" Stormkit begged.

"That's enough. Come over here and nap." Sandstorm meowed firmly. Sighing all of the kits went over পরবর্তি to their mother and curled up.

Despite their protest, they were all asleep in a matter of minutes.


"I Bramblestar,-" "And I, Mistystar-" "Look upon our warrior ancestors to make this apprentice a warrior. He has worked hard to learn your ways." Bramblestar ব্যক্ত jumped down from the high rock along with Mistystar, to Fiercepaw.

"Fiercepaw, do আপনি promise to up hold the warrior code and protect it, even at the cost of your own life?" Bramblestar asked.

Fiercepaw's meow was strong and firm. "I do."
Bramblestar went on. "Then দ্বারা the power of Starclan, I name আপনি Fiercewind."

Fiercewind took a step অগ্রবর্তী and licked his shoulder.

"Fiercewind! Fiercewind! Fiercewind!" The clan cheered, including Stormkit, Dawnkit, and Brightkit.

"Wow! Fiercewind! That's such a cool name! When i'm a warrior I want to be Dawncloud."

"I want to be Brightsong!"

Stormkit looked at Sandstorm. "What was Firestar's warrior name?" "Fireheart."

"Then I'll be Stormheart." Stormkit meowed.

"Your clan leader gives আপনি your warrior name." Dawnkit meowed matter of factly.

"Oh... well as long as it's not something stupid."

Sandstorm purred. Squirrlflight raced দ্বারা and over to Fiercewind. Probably to smother her son. Bramblestar watched his mate and son proudly.

Then Dustpelt ran in. "Mistystar! Bramblestar! Breezingclan are in our forest!" Dustpelt spat.

Mistystar jumped up. "We'll need a patrol. I'll be in the first one along with: Dustpelt, Foxleap, Berrynose, Cherrytail, and Amberpaw."

"I want Thornclaw leading the পরবর্তি with: Poppyfrost, Brackenfur, Sandstorm, Squirrlflight, and Dewpaw."

Sandstorm jumped up and gave each of her kits a সত্বর lick. "Be good and I'll be back soon!"
She moewed then ran out.

"Wow! A fight with Breezingclan!" Brightkit meowed excitedly. "Yea! Just like our game!" Stormkit meowed. Dawnkit nodded.

But Graystripe walked up. "You three into the nesury. This is important. It's not just a game anymore."

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Stormwind's Story - Part 2: Loosing it all