I'll tell আপনি one day.

Mistystar's words echoed though the young kit's head as he looked at his mothers dead body. Stormkit still couldn't believe that Sandstorm was dead. His 2 sisters and litter mates, Dawnkit and Brightkit, were asleep. It was clan rules that after the clan ব্যক্ত their good-byes the মার্জার who were closest would stay up all night with the body. 

Stormkit turned his head to the left and saw Squirrlflight, Leafpool, and Cloudtail all awake. He twisted his head to the right and saw Mistystar. Only Brightkit and Dawnkit were asleep. 

Stormkit knew that the 3 warriors and his clan leader thought Stormkit would fall asleep. He would prove them wrong. He was going to stay awake all night with Sandstorm. And it gave him time to think. 

I'll tell আপনি one day.

Think about what Mistystar said. Some of Sandstorm's last words were: 'Promise me Mistystar.'  Promise her what? That her 3 kits would survive? That they wouldn't be treated as parentless freaks?

Stormkit sighed and burrowed deeper into Sandstorms soft fur. 

Mistystar had told him that she knew of a Hurricane Clan কুইন whom would willingly take on the 3 kits as their new mother. 

It didn't matter who this she-cat was, she would never ever replace Sandstorm.

But Stormkit was curious. He wasn't very sure he wanted a new mom, but he decided to give who ever she was, a chance. 

Brightkit and Dawnkit had immedility felt better when Mistystar and Bramblestar told them the news. Though they had still been very upset. But Stormkit wasn't nearly as comforted. 

He would only give this cat a chance because he thought Sandstorm would want him too. And he was not going to disappoint her in Starclan! Stormkit yawned but quickly shook his head to stay awake. 

Make us proud. A voice whispered in Stormkit's ear. Sandstorm. He didn't bother look around. She was whispering from Starclan. 

She was still dead.

He sighed and pressed his face into Sandstorm's now cold পশম and let the tears run freely down his face. As he burrowed deeper into her fur, he thought some আরো about Mistystar's words. And what they ment.

I'll tell আপনি one day...


Stormkit felt like he could sleep forever. The dawn patrol was just going out and Bramblestar had told Stormkit, along with Brightkit and Dawnkit, to go and get some sleep. Stormkit had agreed willingly. As he approached the nursery with his sisters he dreaded having to sleep in his old nest without Sandstorm. But as he entered and crawled into his nest Blossomfall looked up.

"What do আপনি think your doing?" She demanded. Stormkit looked up wearily. "Sleeping." Blossomfall shook her head. "Mouse-brain. Come and get in our nest. Theirs plenty of room." Stormkit manged a smile. Despite everything, atleast Blossomfall was going to treat him the same.

For a moment he wondered if Blossomfall was going to be his new queen, then remembered that Mistystar ব্যক্ত it was a কুইন who had হারিয়ে গেছে her kits. Berrykit was still alive and healthy.

He sighed with contempt as he laied down পরবর্তি to Blossomfall, and managed a purr when she started licking his fur. It was almost like having Sandstorm back.

Expect Blossomfall wasn't Sandstorm.

And she never could be.


Sorry it was so short! In the পরবর্তি chap I'll প্রদর্শনী who their new কুইন is!

Stormwind's Story - Part 3: A parentless kit, a kitless parent: link