"Do আপনি know who it's going to be Blossomfall?" Brightkit asked the queen. Blossomfall shook her head. "No one expect for the leaders do." She replied. "What about the new queen? Does she know she's going to be it?" Berrykit demanded. "Of course she does Mouse-brain!" Stormkit snapped. Berrykit blinked a couple of times at her playmate then shrugged.

Dawnkit nosed Stormkit. "Are আপনি alright?" She asked quietly. Stormkit glared at his sister. "No! I don't want a new queen! I want Sandstorm back!" He hissed, loud enough for only Dawnkit to hear.
Dawnkit looked taken back then narrowed her eyes. "Stormkit? Sandstorm is gone. And she won't be coming back this time. None of us like it and we'll all miss her but we don't have a choice!" And with that she strode away to her sister and friend.

Stormkit snorted, disgusted at his sister. Would she forget their real mother so easily? Dawnkit had always been practical but why did she have to act like nothing had happened?

Stormkit sighed and rested his head on his paws. He glanced at Dawnkit, Brightkit, and Berrykit who were all talking excitedly about the new queen. "How can they forget so easily?" He meowed to himself.

Fainly he couldn't stand it anymore! He stood up and quietly sunk out of the nursery.

He flattened himself agent the দেওয়াল that the twolegs had made so long পূর্বে and layed down. Then he heard fighting. He looked up and saw above him, whispering fiercely, Mistystar and Bramblestar.

"-your duties to your clan!" Bramblestar meowed angrily. Mistystar glared at him. "Clan leaders do it all the time Bramblestar! Their deputies take over and these 3 are almost weaned!"

"But Mistystar! How would it work? I me-" Then Mistystar cut him off and meowed firmly. "Bramblestar আপনি can support me অথবা not but this choice is mine. That's that." Then she jumped off swiftly and with a growl Bramblestar followed as she leaped onto high rock.

Stormkit tilted his head. Does Bramblestar not approve of her choice for our new queen? He thought to himself. Then he realized that Mistystar had called a clan meeting and his 2 sisters were already at the foot of high rock.

He quickly scampered over to যোগদান them. He sighed with relief when no one ব্যক্ত anything. Dawnkit angrily bumped him. "Where do আপনি go?"

Stormkit didn't respond.

Mistystar went on. "-only 1 litter of kits and I'm at the age where I should have another on the way. Yet Starclan has had other plans. I হারিয়ে গেছে 3 of my kits and Reedwhisker passed away only a few moons ago." She stopped for a moment, her eyes sad. "And so, I have decided, that I will raise Brightkit, Dawnkit, and Stormkit."

Stormkit's eyes widened. Mistystar was the new queen!