I have discovered a new clan... a clan whom call themselves Cloudclan ~ Mistystar

Cloudclan was started দ্বারা some rouges, tribe cats, and a few মার্জার from Breezingclan and Hurricane Clan. At first it was believed that the হারিয়ে গেছে warriors had become kittypets. Intill Mistystar went on her mission and found that they had formed a clan right under their noses! Cloudclan's leader, Hawkstar, a former member of Breezingclan, had told Mistystar and Onestar that they were planning to stay were they were and might as well be considered another clan.

Hurricane Clan now has 2 rivals and must stay sharp. With Brezzingclan growing stronger and Cloudclan becomming known, Hurricane Clan must stay sharp.