Hey fellow fanpoppers! After a little break from লেখা প্রবন্ধ here, I finally came up with another তালিকা of my TV favorites... This time it's dedicated to my most loved cute bromances on TV shows! It includes beautiful and sincere friendships which we were able to follow the growth through episodes অথবা seasons of some series and we can't get tired of fangirling over them! Hope আপনি all enjoy it!

Dean & Castiel [Supernatural]

Damon & Alaric [The Vampire Diaries]

Peter & Neal [White Collar]

Nick & Monroe [Grimm]

James & Carlos [Big Time Rush]

Russell & Timmy [Rules of Engagement]

Scott & Stiles [Teen Wolf]

Morgan & Reid [Criminal Minds]

Matty & Jake [Awkward]

Nick & Schmidt [New Girl]

Recent Add: Hook & Charming [Once Upon A Time]