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Source: Drawn দ্বারা ChibiKeba
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Source: Drawn দ্বারা ChibiKeba
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I'ma just put this up here :3
invader con
the trial
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 "Worse অথবা better" face
"Worse or better" face
I can't say Azailia has much of a backstory...she has one, but it's not that big. I will tell আপনি anyways.
--------------------------------------------------Azailia was always into glamour and fashion. She became the most famous model on Irk. Everyone wanted to তারিখ her, however she thought every guy who asked her was hideous. Until, one day, she saw the প্রণয় of her life...Zim. She walked up to him, and tried talking him in to dating her. Zim was unimpressed (as always!) and tried to ignore Azailia. She was persistent, though, and tried to give him প্রণয় notes at any corner. Finally, one day,...
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Sadi doesm't belong to me.3 parts Yah!!!it's epic!!
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