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 Your Birthday cake!<3 Yummy
Your Birthday cake!<3 Yummy
Hola! Hola! :D

I have written this little প্রবন্ধ & dedicated to my creative Iti:))As ,It's her Birthday today!:D

So,Let me wish her first!!!!:)
'Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday,Happy Birthday!


This is the first time,when I'm celebrating your birthday(I means Mrs. Daniel Radcliffe,OMG U r so lucky)!!!& fortunately..I'm online at this time!,So I thought..Let's do something for you!!!:D


I am really lucky that I have met you,Iti!<3
We both...
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It's like a special দিন for you
just open your gifts that your বন্ধু gave you
listen to the words that the people are saying
they have a smile on their faces and saying

Happy birthday dear Iti.
It's like a দিন that আপনি always wanted.
আপনি are now 17
just look out of the window
the birds are গান গাওয়া the wind is touching your face.

just a write time for the perfect dance.
the candles are looking at you
and saying just blow us faster
আপনি want to blow them and then আপনি cut the cake
and it's like magical dream.

Happy birthday dear Iti
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Source: winx club,devianart