Since Hannah, পূর্ববর্তি winner is out of ফ্যানপপ at the moment I decided to put Rochelle's Interview on my own :) Sorry for being so late with this.

1.Jongrats Rochelle! আপনি are newest Jate FOTM winner! How do আপনি feel about it?
Happy, but I feel like other people really deserved it as well. There are so many amazing Jaters <3

2.As usually, maybe আপনি could tell us something about yourself firstly?
Well, my name’s Rochelle, I’m 15 and from Australia and I প্রণয় হারিয়ে গেছে and লেখা music.

3.Why, when and how did আপনি start watching Lost? And what keeped আপনি interested in it?
My sister owned the series and when she was watching an episode from season 2 I joined her. I think the episode was Maternity Leave. I found the প্রদর্শনী really interesting and liked Kate a lot. So I borrowed season 1 & fell in প্রণয় with Jack and Jate!

4.What about Jate? When আপনি started to like them, which scene made আপনি a shipper?
The scene that made me প্রণয় them was in The পোকা
I didn’t really know what shipping a couple was when I first watched Lost, but I did প্রণয় Jate a lot আরো than Skate! The scene that made me প্রণয় them was in The Moth, when Kate rushed back to help Jack because she was so worried. & also the hug in that episode♥

5.Can আপনি tell us how high is Jate on your শীর্ষ couples তালিকা right now?
Jate is number 2 at the moment! ব্রুকাস্‌ (from One বৃক্ষ Hill) is my number 1. I’d say they’re tied, though.

6.As a Jater how do আপনি feel about:
-Skate: Didn’t like them when I first watched, but re-watching I don’t hate them. Liked them in season 2 and 5.
-Sawyer: Eh, he’s overrated. I liked him in season 5, but rest of the seasons- not a fan.
-Jacket:I really liked them. They were cute and flirty, but I did miss my Jate ):
-Juliet:Love her <3 Best female alongside Kate and Shannon!
-Suliet: Loved them <3 Sawyer was becoming a man and she had helped him to grow into that, until The Incident...

7.Was there any point in your Jate adventure that আপনি stopped believing in them? When আপনি give up on shipping them?
Nonono! Haha, I always loved them & never gave up. I just knew they had to be together
they’re my favourite হারিয়ে গেছে ship দ্বারা a long mile
in the end. If not then something was definitely wrong!

8.Is Jate your favourite হারিয়ে গেছে ship? If no, which one is it? If yes, which other ships আপনি also like\love?
Yes, they’re my favourite হারিয়ে গেছে ship দ্বারা a long mile. I also প্রণয় DesPen, Suliet, PB&J and Jacket, but all হারিয়ে গেছে ships are great. I don’t hate any apart from Ben & Juliet and I don’t really care for Hurley & Libby.

just a smile, a look অথবা the simplest of words.
9.What is so special about Jate? What is your favourite thing about them?
Lots of things are special about them. They are epic, angsty, fluffy, flirty, sexy. They just have this great mix of so many emotions, unlike any other couple I’ve ever seen. They never seem forced, and when they’re together it’s just the most natural thing. So my favourite thing would be the way that they just mesh together and the way that they care so deeply for each-other, but they don’t need to convey it with a চুম্বন অথবা sex, just a smile, a look অথবা the simplest of words.

10.What is your favourite thing about Jack? And favourite thing about Kate?
About Jack…well apart from his sizzling body and mega-watt smile I also প্রণয় his “fixing” personality. I’m a perfectionist so I can relate! He’s smart and doesn’t apologise for who he is. He’s also very caring and kind and will do anything for the ones he loves. A real hero.
The thing I প্রণয় about Kate is her passion for life. She’s a very strong women who can be vulnerable and tough all at the same time. She isn’t just hardcore, she is very sweet and tender at times. She tries her hardest to be someone to be proud of, but sometimes she can’t be that person. She knows it, but she still tries and people (a.k.a Jack) still প্রণয় her for her.

11.The most
Oh my lord I nearly blew up with happiness.
Emotional moment: Glass দেওয়াল scene অথবা walkie-talkie scenes.
Saddest moment: Fight in 4x10.
Happiest moment: Proposal. Oh my lord I nearly blew up with happiness.
Funniest moment: Awkward, but cute ঝরনা scene in s2. Oh, and who could forget the “Are আপনি checking me out?” scene!
Sexiest moment: 316 sex.
Cutest moment: Also the proposal. অথবা the পোকা hug.
Unexpected moment: ঝরনা Jex. Didn’t see that coming.

12.Define Jate in...
Oh my god it was so epic. I got chills!
One word: Epic (of course!)
One song: Fix আপনি দ্বারা কোল্ডপ্লে (obvious choice!)
One movie: The Notebook.
One color: Red.
One season of the year: Spring.
One object: Walkie talkies.
One place: The beach.
One food: পেয়ারা seeds.
One animal: Dog.

13.Your Favourite:
“I’ve missed আপনি so much.”
Kiss: Cliff kiss.
Hug: The পোকা hug অথবা the one before the চুম্বন in 2x09.
Hand holding: TMFT, does that count?
Face touch: “I’ve missed আপনি so much.”
Look: Before the bomb drops. Oh my god it was so epic. I got chills!
Hot moment: Hallway Jex with the গাধা grab & 316 sex.
Quote: “Nothing is irreversible.”
Season: 1 অথবা 3 অথবা 6, ahhhh can’t choose :/
Episode: The End অথবা Through the Looking Glass.

14.Would আপনি rather have different actors playing Jack and Kate অথবা Foxy and Evi being a part of a different প্রদর্শনী not written দ্বারা Darlton?
Both are pretty bad! But I seriously can’t imagine anyone else playing Jate, so different show. As long as it’s a good one!

15.Your favourite quote on Jate ব্যক্ত দ্বারা memer of cast অথবা crew?
“In some kind of cosmic way they just get each-other.” (It’s actually from the script, but I প্রণয় THIS QUOTE!)

“In some kind of cosmic way they just get each-other.”

16.Your favourite Mevie quote? On Evi ব্যক্ত দ্বারা Matthew অথবা on Matthew ব্যক্ত দ্বারা Evi.
This quote is from Matthew (about Evi): She’s so beautiful it’s hard to concentrate around her.
প্রণয় it!

17.This অথবা that and WHY?
They will always end up with each-other in the end.
-Jack অথবা Kate? Jack, because he is GOD. (;
-Skate অথবা Jacket? জ্যাকেট I loved at one point, স্কেইট I never got into.
-Matthew অথবা Evangeline? Matthew, but both are lovely.
-Season 3 অথবা season 6? Ugh, hard one. I’ll have to go with 6 because of cliff kiss, but season 3 is epic too. Everything Jate is epic!
-Jate hugs অথবা face touches? Both are amazing, but face touches are a Jate thing <3
-Jack অথবা Matthew? Jack, of course. I প্রণয় Matthew, but Shephard is King.
-Evangeline অথবা Kate? Evangeline, but I প্রণয় Kate as well.
-First meeting অথবা ‘that’s not how আপনি know me’? First meeting is my third favourite Jate moment!
-Fixing অথবা Coming back for each other? Coming back for each-other. They will always end up with each-other in the end.

18 পছন্দ per season...
Shirtless Jack = definition of hot.
Season 1
Best cute scene: “You okay?” & touching her face.
Best hot scene: First meeting. Shirtless Jack = definition of hot.
Best quote: “It’s just that আপনি and ট্যাটু don’t add up. Are আপনি one of those hardcore spinal surgeons.” “That’s me- hardcore.”
Best episode: House of the Rising Sun অথবা Pilot.
Best anti!skate moment: “You’re actually comparing yourself to Jack.” ZING!

Season 2
How much আরো anti could আপনি get?
Best cute scene: ঝরনা scene. So awkward yet cute!
Best hot scene: Net scene, of course (; They wanted to stay in there all night…
Best quote: “I’m sorry that I’m not as perfect as you. I’m sorry that I’m not as good.”
Best episode: SOS, for sure!
Best anti!skate moment: Kate abandoning Sawyer in 2x09 & then স্নেহ চুম্বন Jack. How much আরো anti could আপনি get? (;

Kate being so concerned with Jack’s safety
Season 3
Best cute scene: “Be careful.” “I’ll try.” It’s from 3x17.
Best hot scene: Hmm, not too many hot scenes this season. Maybe the hand holding scene in TMFT.
Best quote: “I will come back here for you.”
Best episode: Through the Looking Glass অথবা I Do.
Best anti!skate moment: Kate being so concerned with Jack’s safety and not wanting to leave without him in 3x06. LMAO, did আপনি see Sawyer’s face in that scene?!

Season 4
hallway jex অথবা ঝরনা jex
Best cute scene: Proposal. So beautiful <3
Best hot scene: Ooh, hallway jex অথবা ঝরনা jex. I’ll go with hallway.
Best quote: “So glad that you’re here.” “Me too.”
Best episode: 4x10! Duuuh <3
Best anti!skate moment: All of 4x10. Kate being so worried about Jack in the finale and not being so worried that Sawyer had just jumped out of a helicopter! LOL.

316 sex!
Season 5
Best cute scene: In 316 running over to her and smiling & asking her if she’s ok when she wakes up.
Best hot scene: 316 sex!
Best quote: “I have always been with you.”
Best episode: 5x17.
Best anti!skate moment: “It was not all misery.” & “I have always been with you.”

Season 6
নমস্কার both looked HAWT in it!
Best cute scene: “I couldn’t find you.”
Best hot scene: Cliff চুম্বন & “That’s not how আপনি know me” scene because they both looked HAWT in it!
Best quote: “Nothing is irreversible.”
Best episode: Have to be obvious and pick The End.
Best anti!skate moment: Whole season, especially The End.

19. Most ridiculous thing Haters were saying before series finale?
“Jack and Kate loved others much আরো than they will ever প্রণয় each-other. They are only hiding their true feelings and using each-other as masks for who they really love. স্কেইট and জ্যাকেট will get the endgame.” BULL-SHIT!

20. Most ridiculous thing Haters were saying after series finale?
“Jack and Kate didn’t get endgame. Kate will always প্রণয় Sawyer আরো than Jack. In the afterlife স্কেইট will be together. They are the true endgame.” I’ve actually heard quite a few people say this & my reply: HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I’m very protective of them
21. When আপনি see people saying shit and completely delusional things on Jate, how do আপনি react?
I try and keep calm, but when আপনি hear people say things like “Kate will never প্রণয় Jack the way she loved Sawyer” আপনি just get angry. One of my বন্ধু is a HUGE Anti-Jater and on some occasions I have gotten so mad at her because of the things she has ব্যক্ত about Jate. I’m very protective of them, but I know when I’m crossing a line with the things I say so I try and be honest, but not too mean about SK. I don’t hate them, anyway.

22. আপনি can "borrow" one scene from each one of the হারিয়ে গেছে main couples. Which one do আপনি choose?
- Charlie & Claire: The look at the সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান in The End. I got goosebumps.
- Sawyer & Juliet: The চুম্বন in the kitchen. Sweet, but epic. I’d always প্রণয় to see Jack bring Kate flowers.
- Sawyer & Kate: Um, maybe the hug after Ana-Lucia and Libby died. That’s probably my favourite SK moment.
- Desmond & Penny: The phone call, অথবা the epic reunion.
- Jin & Sun: This is going to sound bad, but the drowning moment. Well, maybe not Jate drowning, but them near death and Jack going back and staying with Kate even if he’ll die too.
- any other couple: from Shayid their sex scene. Pretty hot.

ate can say so much আরো with just a look
23. Let’s say আপনি are taking part in Great TV Jate vs স্কেইট battle. আপনি can use only 3 arguments to prove Jate is Fate and Jate > Skate. What do আপনি say?
Only 3? Haha. Well firstly I’d tell whoever I was arguing against to rewatch all the seasons and then if they still tell me that Jate isn’t fate then I haven’t done my job. Secondly I’d tell them that Jate can say so much আরো with just a look than স্কেইট can with cage sex অথবা kisses অথবা anything. Lastly I’d tell them about the Jate অনুরাগী and all their crazy, amazing personalities and if that doesn’t convince them nothing will (:

24. Is there anything in Jate journey আপনি would change?
No, except I’d have liked আরো scenes on-island in Season 4. Off-island they were amazing and on-island they were obsessing over the wrong person for them!

25: 5 favourite words from Jictionary?
Jex, Jirting, Jepic, Jangst & Jamily.

Because they verbally copulate
26: Favourite reason from 'Reasons we will always be Jaters' list?
প্রণয় a lot, but I’m choosing my শীর্ষ 5:
1.Because she has always been with him.
2.Because he made her stop running.
3.Because they verbally copulate
4.Because she has 'never been able to help herself be madly in প্রণয় with Jack.'
5.Because they are both BAMF

27: Your favourite Anti!Skate moment EVER?
Hmm, the cliff চুম্বন because Jate got endgame and স্কেইট did not. I also প্রণয় the moment in the পোকা where she ditches Sawyer to go back for Jack.

When it comes to kisses the first চুম্বন is quite underrated.
28. How would আপনি feel if আপনি lived in some Alternate World where it’s স্কেইট which get endgame? How would আপনি react?
WTF!!! Haha, no seriously I’d be so freaking mad, but then I wouldn’t know the magic of Jate and wouldn’t be living a life worth living (:

29. In your opinion, what's the most underrated Jate thing?
When it comes to kisses the first চুম্বন is quite underrated. It’s normally lower on people’s lists. A lot of scenes from the Pilot like the handholding in the cockpit and Kate screaming Jack’s name are underrated. So season 1 scenes in general.

It was even better than I expected.
30. Was series finale what আপনি expected for Jate?
Yes, epic kiss? Check. Amazing quotes? Check. Endgame? Check, check, check (: It was even better than I expected.

31. Any last words?
Yes, I loved this interview and all the প্রশ্ন were great. Whoever wins পরবর্তি আপনি really deserve it! & JATE FOREVER <3