First off congratulations Irene, আপনি really deserve this <3 I had fun asking আপনি প্রশ্ন & seeing what your reply is.

1. Jongrats Irene! আপনি won Jate FOTM, how does it feel?(:
It feels great! I feel so happy that I won, I have never won FOTM in any club and the fact that I won it at the Jate spot makes it so special! Thanks to all who voted me!

2. Tell all the lovely Jaters a little something about yourself?
Well, what can I say? I am 17, I go to school, I প্রণয় my friends, সঙ্গীত and books. And I want Jack in my life (don’t we all?).
"I want Jack in my life (don't we all?)"

3. When did আপনি first watch Lost? What attracted আপনি to the প্রদর্শনী and made আপনি keep watching?
Well, I was TV zapping and I opened the TV at a channel that I NEVER watch, not even at TV zapping, because usually it sucks. And there it was, the Pilot of Lost. At that point I had no internet connection and I had never heard of it. The মিনিট it started I fell in প্রণয় with Jack, how he was running to save everyone, so brave. <3 then Jate first met. So what really kept me watching was Jack and Jate to be honest.
"What really kept me watching was Jack and Jate."

4. When did আপনি start to ship Jate, what episode/scene made আপনি a shipper?
Well, I really liked them from the Pilot, the first scene I watched, but it is their built-up and storyline throughout the whole প্রদর্শনী that made me really ship them.

5. Is Jate your favourite হারিয়ে গেছে couple? If so what others do আপনি like?
Yeah they are my favourite হারিয়ে গেছে couple! I also প্রণয় Charlie and Claire, they are so adorable and great.
"They are my favourite হারিয়ে গেছে couple."

6. What's your favourite thing about Jate, what makes them epic to you?
Well, everything. Their built-up, their whole story. The protectiveness they have about each other, they both would do anything to save each other. Their প্রণয় is deep. They are two complete personalities, different and with flaws. But their প্রণয় is based on the acceptance of who the other person is. Also she is a fugitive and he is a doctor. And as forbidden that might be, they still make it! Through time and space, on and off the island, in the afterlife <3

7. Who do আপনি prefer আরো Jack অথবা Kate? What are your favourite things about them?
Jack! My favourite thing about Jack? He is JACK! Enough said. What I like about Kate is how she is tough, a strong female character that can make it দ্বারা herself and doesn't expect a guys help, athough she is on an island, in the wild. Also she can be very caring and forgiving.
"My favourite thing about Jack? He is JACK!"

8. What is your favourite season for Jate, why?
Season 1! I just প্রণয় the beginning part of relationship. Flirty Jate are so cute. I like how those two started to get to know each other, and fell in love!

9. The most
Emotional moment:
When Kate retells the story and Jack says don’t come back and she cries
Saddest moment: Either the above অথবা their break-up in season 4
Happiest moment: I m so glad that youre here
Funniest moment: caught in the net? I don’t know, I laughed
Sexiest moment: Hallway Jex
Cutest moment: I don’t know your name (I প্রণয় the Pilot!)
Unexpected moment: because I প্রণয় you, The kiss? I don’t really know, Jate surprise me all the time.
"Jate surprises me all the time."

10. Define Jate in...
One word:
One song: Far Away দ্বারা নিক্কেলবাকা
One movie: টাইটানিক
One colour: Purple
One season of the year: Summer cause on the island is hot!
One object: Sewing kit
One place: The jungle (where they first met/kissed etc)
One food: Mangos
One animal: Dog
Ok, my উত্তর are really random, so sorry about that. {Don't worry they're good (:}
"One word: Epic."

11. Your Favourite:
First চুম্বন
Hug: Hug in the Mold
Hand holding: In TMFT (that was a hand holding, right?) {YES!♥}
Face touch: In 4.10 before the Jex
Look: In the Incident
Hot moment: Hallway Jex
Quote: Because I প্রণয় আপনি
Season: 1
Episode: No, no so hard to choose… SNBH, অথবা What Kate did অথবা the End

12. If আপনি could change absolutely anything about Jate's journey it would be...?
Nothing! But I would প্রণয় to see আরো of them happy together off the island.
"I would প্রণয় to see আরো of Jate happy together off the island."

13. Favourite Jate related quote ব্যক্ত দ্বারা a হারিয়ে গেছে character that isn't Jack অথবা Kate?
"If আপনি guys are finished verbally copulating, we should get a সরানো on." আপনি got to প্রণয় Charlie.

14. Favourite Jate related quote ব্যক্ত দ্বারা Evie অথবা Foxy?
"It`s like two ships constantly passing in the night, but they are really connected through time and মহাকাশ almost." দ্বারা Foxy.
"They are really connected through time and space."

15. Jate are আরো soulmates, destiny অথবা fate? Why?
The obvious answer should be fate but I am going with soulmates because first they complete each other and they are just perfect for each other and because I am not so much of a destiny/fate kind of person.
"They complete each other."

16. পছন্দ per season...
Season 1;
Best cute scene:
"I don’t know your name." "I'm Kate." "Jack."
Best hot scene: When Kate takes off her shirt, maybe. I bet Jack loooved it.
Best quote: You're not running now.
Best episode: The Pilot অথবা the Moth.
Best anti!skate/sawyer moment: Sawyer: What is it about that guy? Jack. What is it about him that makes আপনি all weak in the loins?

Season 2;
Best cute scene:
Jack offering to walk her home.
Best hot scene: The kiss.
Best quote: I'm sorry I kissed you. I'm not. (and Kate is a liar)
Best episode: What Kate did.
Best anti!skate/sawyer moment: I'm glad আপনি beat Sawyer.

Season 3;
Best cute scene:
Because I প্রণয় you.
Best hot scene: Kate licks the spoon.
Best quote: Because I প্রণয় you.
Best episode: TMFT.
Best anti!skate/sawyer moment: Kate being sooo jealous of Jacket.
"Because I প্রণয় you."♥

Season 4;
Best cute scene:
Jack পাঠ করা to Aaron, Kate looking.
Best hot scene: Hallway Jex.
Best quote: I have always been with you.
Best episode: SNBH.
Best anti!skate/sawyer moment: I have always been with you.

Season 5;
Best cute scene:
Kate cleaning his face in the incident.
Best hot scene: Jex in 316.
Best quote: It was NOT all misery.
Best episode: The incident.
Best anti!skate/sawyer moment: The look she gave Jack in the incident.
"The look she gave Jack in the Incident."

Season 6;
Best cute scene:
Their meeting on the plane.
Best hot scene: The last kiss.
Best quote: Tell me I'm gonna see আপনি again. And mutual I প্রণয় you.
Best episode: The End.
Best anti!skate/sawyer moment: In LAX she chooses to see if Jack is ok, that moment is perfectly clear to me that her হৃদয় is with Jack.
"That moment is perfectly clear to me that her হৃদয় is with Jack."

18. আপনি can only watch one Jate scene for the rest of your life, which scene do আপনি choose and why?
আপনি are evil, আপনি know that? {Who, me?!} I don’t really know, Maybe the first kiss, so epic.

19. Most ridiculous thing you've heard a hater say about Jate?
That they don’t have chemistry, that they are gross, that their scenes look awkward. OMG, are people blind?

20. আপনি can take a scene from these হারিয়ে গেছে couples...
Charlie&Claire: The তালিকা Charlie makes, with his meeting with Claire at first place.
Sun&Jin: Their reunion.
Desmond&Penny: Them having a baby, I want a Jaby NOW!
Jack&Juliet: No scene that I liked, really...
Sawyer&Juliet: When they were tortured.
Sawyer&Kate: In the afterlife when he helped her get out of the elevator.
Shannon&Sayid: স্নেহ চুম্বন in front of the fire.
"I want a Jaby NOW!"

21. Someone's talking তীক্ষ্নভাবে about Jate, how do আপনি react?
I definitely defend them. I get a little mad. In the end everyone has a right to their opinion. (as long as they think Jate are amazing, lol)
"Everyone has a right to their long as they think Jate is amazing!"

22. Most epic Jate scene ever in your opinion is...?
I am going with 3: Because I প্রণয় আপনি and I will come back here for আপনি and Ive missed আপনি SO much.

23. Scenario time! You're all alone in the caves with Jack, do আপনি jump him অথবা just talk because আপনি know Kate won't like it? (;
We just talk, as much as I প্রণয় Jack I can't get in between of 2 people who truly প্রণয় each other, and in the end Jack is faithful.
"As much as I প্রণয় Jack I can't in between of 2 people who truly প্রণয় each other."

24. Scenario #2. আপনি may witness one moment that happens in Jate's life together, what moment do আপনি choose?
Well, their wedding! So romantic. অথবা them having a Jaby.

25. Scenario #3. হারিয়ে গেছে gets one আরো season, what kind of things would আপনি like to happen to Jate in it?
I wouldn’t like that, I think the প্রদর্শনী is great as it is and so goes for the Jate story, I don’t think it is missing anything. But if I could choose I would like to see some আরো happy Jate together, as I ব্যক্ত above.
"I think the প্রদর্শনী is great as it is and so goes for the Jate story."

26. As a Jater what do আপনি think of Skate? What turned আপনি off shipping them?
I don’t really hate them, but I don’t really like them either. Well, I didn’t ship them cause I thought that Kate deep down wanted to be with Jack, I felt like she was hiding with him, অথবা that Sawyer was just getting in the way.

27. Jate Jictionary! Your শীর্ষ 5 favourite words from it are...?
1. Jisters
2. Jepic
3. Jaby
4. Jex
5. Jirting
"Jex (;"

28. What are your শীর্ষ 5 reasons for why it's Jate > Skate?
1. Opposites attract
2. Nothing in the world will keep them apart
3. They truly প্রণয় each other
4. It was never just Sawyer and Kate. It was always Sawyer/Kate -> pining for Jack
5. She has always been with him
"Nothing in the world will keep them apart."

29. Did আপনি ever lose faith in Jate?
Nope, always thought they would find their way.

30. Were আপনি happy with the way Jate ended in 'The End?
Yes, it was truly amazing!! Although I always hoped for a happy ending, meaning them being together on/off the island, I think it was better like this. In the end they got the happy ending for eternity.
"In the end they got the happy ending for eternity."

31. Anything else to say?
Well, 1. I hope my উত্তর weren’t too boring
2. I hope I will have আরো time to be at the JEFOT আরো often
3. The প্রশ্ন were fun to answer, thanks Rochelle.
4. Special thanks to S that encouraged me to যোগদান the ফোরাম and watch the rest of season 6 so I became আরো active at the club and all.

Jate forever <3