So I found these on fanforum...

“Surely what he feels for this woman isn't due to her possessing his pen. She seems to possess his very soul”

“Kate burns into his soul and will not let him loose”

“ Kate is complete with Jack দ্বারা her side”

"Nothing is irreversible.". She clearly is imploring him not to give up on them”

“Jack looks at his rescuer...She has always been with him!”

“She tells him "It's over" but her eyes say somethings just about to start.”

“She is willing to ক্রুশ any gulf to bring Jack to her”

" a time when passion floated on a tropical evening breeze and প্রণয় blazed in the flickering lights of a fire"

“They find their souls clinging to each other through out the comming struggle and travail that engulfs them on the island and off. “

“She knows Jack better than he knows himself “

“Kate's প্রণয় for Jack is revealed as she only has eyes and concern for him.”

"He helps Kate find redemption. He falls in প্রণয় with her and is able to face his own demons."