Jongrats Sophia!
1.Jongrats Sophia! How does it feel to be New Jate FOTM?
Thank you!It feels amazing,I’m so proud!Thank আপনি all for voting for me,it means a lot!:)

2. As usually, maybe আপনি could tell us something about yourself firstly?
Well,I’m from Rome in Italy,I’m a student,one দিন I hope to become a doctor.What else…I can’t live without my bike,it takes me everywhere, হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ And I’m crazy about TV shows,xD.

3. So, when and how did your adventure with হারিয়ে গেছে started?
"I loved their first meeting"
Well actually my cousin had the DVD for season one and I watched that one with her,that was around two years পূর্বে and I got so addicted to it,I immediately downloaded the rest and I fell in প্রণয় with it!:)

4. As for Jate, when did আপনি start shipping them for real? What made আপনি a shipper?
Pretty much from the start.I loved their first meeting,I thought it was really special and I knew they will fall in love!And then they had all these amazing scenes that showed how much they care about each other.

5. Can আপনি tell us how high is Jate on your শীর্ষ couples তালিকা right now?
They’re number two,Chuck and Sarah are my OTP,but Jate are so close I gotta say it’s almost a tie!:D
"they are so different but yet they have a lot in common"

6. What other হারিয়ে গেছে couples do আপনি like?
Sawyer & Juliet,Charlie & Claire and Desmond & Penny!<3

7. What’s your favourite aspect of Jate story?
This is really hard.I প্রণয় everything about them,how they complete each other and help each other and I প্রণয় that they are so different but yet they have a lot in common.

8. Do আপনি consider JK epic? Why\why not?
Definitely!Their whole story is absolutely epic!All the parallels,the meeting in afterlife,everything they went through together and they saved each others lifes so many times <3

"He is my পছন্দ হারিয়ে গেছে character"
9. This অথবা that and why:
Jack অথবা Kate: Jack!He is my পছন্দ হারিয়ে গেছে character,but I প্রণয় Kate too.
Matthew অথবা Evangeline: This is hard,but I have to say Evangeline.She’s so cute and funny and a great actress!
Season 3 অথবা Season 6: In general season 3,for Jate maybe season 6,although both are epic!
“I couldn’t find you” অথবা “I can’t leave without you”: ‘I couldn’t find you’ ♥ It proved once again where Kate’s hart is!
Skate অথবা Jacket: Jacket!I hate Skate…
Kissed অথবা quotes: Quotes.So epic!

10. As a Jater, how do আপনি feel about following:
"I actually don’t understand any haters"
Sawyer: I like him in some scenes and his funny lines but he’s not one of my পছন্দ characters.
Juliet: I প্রণয় her!
Skate: Blahh I dislike them very much!I was never convinced that they have any special connection beyond the sexual tension and the scene where Kate sleeps with him just because she sees জ্যাকেট together really discusses me.
Jacket: They are okay,like a few of their scenes,but they weren’t meant to be.
Jate haters: I don’t understand them.I actually don’t understand any haters I mean আপনি can dislike/hate something but this is your opinion and I think it’s rude to talk mean stuff about it because আপনি offend the people who like it!

11. পছন্দ per season...
"adorable, beginning of epicness"
Best cute scene: the পেয়ারা seeds scene♥
Best hot scene: when they take off their উদ্ধৃতি because the bees are chasing them xD
Best quote: ‘You are not running know’
Best episode: Pilot the two parts
Best anti!skate moment: Kate saying to Sawyer:‘Are আপনি comparing yourself to Jack?’
1-3 words to describe season for J&K: adorable,beginning of epicness

"finally a kiss!"
Best cute scene: when they share their খাবার form the hatch
Best hot scene: The net scene
Best quote: ‘I’m sorry I kissed you’ ‘I’m not’
Best episode: Live together die alone
Best anti!skate moment: In Live together die alone when Kate and Jack share a look and Sawyer is on Kate’s other side
1-3 words to describe season for J&K: finally a kiss!

"angsty and exciting"
Best cute scene: the talk they have before Jack has ডিনার with Juliet
Best hot scene: When Jack whispers in Kate’s ear ‘I will come back for you’
Best quote: ‘I will come back for you’
Best episode: Through the looking glass
Best anti!skate moment: Kate sleeping with Sawyer out of jealousy
1-3 words to describe season for J&K: angsty and exciting

Best cute scene: ‘Are আপনি ok?I am now’ <3
Best hot scene: Hallway jex duh!:D
Best quote: ‘Will আপনি marry me?’ ‘Yes,of course I wil,YES!’
Best episode: SNBH duh!
Best anti!skate moment: ‘I have always been with YOU’
1-3 words to describe season for J&K: bittersweet

"heartbreaking, angsty, complicated"
Best cute scene: ‘You shaved your beard’
Best hot scene: 316 kiss!
Best quote: ‘Are আপনি with me on this?’ ‘Yes’
Best episode: The incident
Best anti!skate moment: Kate looking at Jack and Sawyer at Juliet when they drop the bomb
1-3 words to describe season for J&K: heartbreaking,angsty,complicated

Best cute scene: Kate’s smile when she sees Jack.I don’t remember at the end of which episode it was.
Best hot scene: Their last kiss
Best quote: ‘I’ve missed আপনি so much!’
Best episode: The End
Best anti!skate moment: The whole season haha Let’s say ‘I couldn’t find you’.Sawyer was laying right there and Kate went straight to Jack.Also in LAX when both Sawyer and Jack are laying unconscious and Kate goes to wake Jack up.
1-3 words to describe season for J&K: epic

12. Define Jate in...
One word: love
One song: Fix you
One movie: Titanic
One color: red
One season of the year: autumn
One object: thread
One place: an island
One food: uhh can it be a dring? coffee,becaue they have a lot of references with it.:)
One animal: a horse?haha I don’t know.
One number:23

13.The most
"The best surprise ever"
Emotional moment: Kate telling the story on the walkie talkies and Jack telling her not to come back for him and of course the cliff scene.
Saddest moment: Their break up
Happiest moment: The proposal
Funniest moment: ‘Are আপনি checking me out?’:D
Sexiest moment: The ঝরনা kiss!Such a hot moment!
Cutest moment:Guava seeds.Both of them were so adorable in this scene <3 ;)
Unexpected moment: The চুম্বন in The End!The best surprise ever!!!

14. Your favourite quote ব্যক্ত দ্বারা Matthew অথবা Evangeline?
‘She has never been able to help herself be madly on প্রণয় with Jack!-Evangeline

15.Your favourite quote on Jate ব্যক্ত দ্বারা other memer of cast অথবা crew?
Does JJ Abrams count?’They have met before this life and they will meet again in another’ ♥

16. আপনি can take a scene from these হারিয়ে গেছে couples and give it to Jate..
Charlie&Claire – Their চুম্বন দ্বারা the campfire.
Desmond&Penny – The reunion kiss
Sawyer&Kate – none LOL
Sawyer&Juliet – Jack bringing a ফুল to Kate
Shannon&Sayid – Their প্রণয় scene in the tent.That would’ve been great to have something like this with Jate!

17. শীর্ষ 5 reason why Jate is better than Skate?
"Because she has ALWAYS been with Jack"
1.Because she has ALWAYS been with Jack,she’s always on his side and she will always pick him over Sawyer
2.Because Jack brings out the best in Kate and Sawyer brings out the worst
3.Because Kate is and always has been in প্রণয় with Jack,not Sawyer.
4.Because Jate have a deep connection and স্কেইট is all about lust and jealousy sex
5.Because Jate is FATE and well স্কেইট is NOT,lol

18.Is there anything that আপনি would want to change about Jack&Kate journey?
I would have loved for them to get married and have a baby…

"because they had the epic journey"
19. After finale, many Skaters where saying it’s about journey, not destination. Do আপনি agree?
I agree completely with the statement but it just only further proves that Jate is better than স্কেইট because they had the epic journey not Skate.

20. Most ridiculous thing Haters were saying before series finale?
That Kate is in প্রণয় with Sawyer and she will pick him at the end because স্কেইট is fate!LMAO!

21.Most ridiculous thing Haters are saying after series finale?
So many…The most ridiculous has to be that Jate had no build up.LOL excuse me,what have আপনি been watching?

"Maybe in a big church with a lot of ফুলেরডালি and all of their losties friends"
22. Let’s say you’ve got a chance to write script for Jate wedding. How would it look like?
Awww.Well it will be very romantic (not on a সৈকত though,I think they wouldn’t want that after everything they went through on the island LOL).Maybe in a big church with a lot of ফুলেরডালি and all of their losties বন্ধু and they will have their own vows talking about thier journey and how much they প্রণয় each other.Oh and maybe Hurley could marry them?You know like Joey married Monica and Chandler on বন্ধু :D I think this would cute and plus Hurley ships Jate so much he’ll have some great things to say ahah

23. If আপনি could add any scene to Jate story (big অথবা just little one) what would that be?
The one I just described above LOL

24. How do আপনি feel about theory that Kate was pregnant with Jack’s baby when she left Island?
So bittersweet.I would প্রণয় it though because like that Jack would live on in some way and Kate will have something to remind her of him every দিন and bring her joy.But also so sad because Jack would’t be able to be in his kids life and they wouldn’t be able to rise it together:(

"the loves of both of their lifes died on the island."
25. Skaters believe that স্কেইট got together when they left Island. Do আপনি think it’s possible?
I don’t.Plus even if they did it would be just like their whole relationship only about sex because the loves of both of their lifes died on the island.

26. Was there any point that Jate frustrated আপনি so much that আপনি stopped shipping them অথবা just thought of stopping?
No never,I always believed in them <3

27. If there was a হারিয়ে গেছে spin off. All about Jate. Would আপনি watch it?
What kind of প্রশ্ন is this?Of course I will haha!:D

"I would totally lose the ability to talk of I meet them"
28.If আপনি ever meet Mevie, will আপনি tell them about Jisters. What would আপনি said?
OMG I would totally lose the ability to talk of I meet them হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ But of course I’ll tell them all about the amazing Jisters and how much we প্রণয় them <3

29. Last but not least, any after thoughts? Anything আপনি want to add?
I want to thank আপনি guys once again for picking me to be the FOTM!It means so much to me আপনি are all great,definitely the best and most welcoming fanbase on ফ্যানপপ and I’m really happy to be a Jister!