Congrats Ola!
I just wanted to say that whole credit for প্রশ্ন goes to Sophia. I'm just posting interview since she's being abset and she asked me to :)

1. How do আপনি feel being the New Jate FOTM?
I'm so happy and suprised! But it feels great, thanks for everyone who voted on me. :)

2. Start দ্বারা telling us something about yourself. :)
So, I'm Ola, I come form small city in Poland and I'm fifteen, in last class of middle school. I consider myself for tv junkie, shipping whore, বই addicted and rock সঙ্গীত prayer.

3. When and how did আপনি start watching Lost?
The idea appeared in the half of August this year, I finished watching Fringe and I thought about watching Lost, another JJ's epicness. I once watched abit of it, but never tried to give the real chcance. And since S never tried to stop me from that... I gave up. xD

"I loved them in Pilot already"
4. Did আপনি ship Jate from the start? And what made আপনি fall for them?
I loved them in Pilot already - their first meeting, helping each other, and starting the whole re-counting to five... First episodes of season really made me a অনুরাগী of them, and I started to ship them hard since The Moth.

5. Are they your পছন্দ couple? If not, which is?
They're my হারিয়ে গেছে OTP, and in general I believe they're my fifth অথবা sixth favourite.

6. What other হারিয়ে গেছে couples do আপনি ship?
Shipping hard Suliet, Des/Penny and PB&J.

"their story is one of the most amazing I've ever seen"
7. Do আপনি prefer their story অথবা their chemistry?
Ahh the most evil প্রশ্ন of them all! First, I loved their chemistry, and it has never change. And their story is one of the most amazing I've ever seen so...

8. Do আপনি think Jate is epic? Why?
To be honest, not counting one অথবা two exceptions, I consider for epic only sci-fi অথবা ফ্যান্টাসি couples. And yes, Jate is one of epic ships - parallels from the first episode to the last, afterlife, saving each other and sacrificing... Epicness. ♥

9. This অথবা that and why:
"I'm just sucker for the way how Kate touches Jack's face."
Jack অথবা Kate - as much as I liked Kate, it was all about Jack for me.
Matthew অথবা Evangeline - Both are amazing, but I knew Foxy first so... ;)
Season 3 অথবা Season 6 - So much প্রণয় for both, but s3 was... *speechless again*
season 1 অথবা season 4 - Ahh, s1 is my favourite for them. ♥
season 5 অথবা season 2 - s2 has some amazing things.
Skate অথবা জ্যাকেট - uh... idk. None of them? Eventually, Jacket.
Kisses অথবা hugs - Kisses, but hugs too!
Quotes অথবা looks - Quotes... looks... no I think quotes... abit more.
Hand holdings of face touches - I'm just sucker for the way how Kate touches Jack's face.

10. As a Jater, how do আপনি feel about:
Sawyer - Like him.
Juliet - Like her.
Skate - Don't care, most of time.
Jacket - Don't care, most of time.
Jate haters - lmao most of time they do not make sense, so I can just laugh on those silly people. xD

11. Favourites per season...
"beginning of fate"
Best cute scene: "I didn't do it for him."
Best hot scene: idk, first meeting maybe, আপনি know... *coughs*Jack's hotness*coughs*
Best quote: "You're not running now." ♥
Best episode: HotRS
Best anti!skate moment: "Are আপনি comparing yourself to Jack?" ftw!
Best 1-3 words to describe season for Jate: beginning of fate

"hotness alert"
Best cute scene: first তারিখ aka sharing food
Best hot scene: চুম্বন and net
Best quote: "I'm sorry I kissed you." - "I'm not."
Best episode: SOS
Best anti!skate moment: "I'm glad আপনি bet Sawyer on cards." and of course finale look! ♥
Best 1-3 words to describe season for Jate: hotness alert

"heartbreaking angst"
Best cute scene: "Because I প্রণয় you."
Best hot scene: TMFT reunion
Best quote: "You saved her, আপনি fixed her."
Best episode: I Do & TMFT ♥
Best anti!skate moment: re-telling story. Yeah, Kate and Sawyer could have "great" (coughs) sex in cage, but Jack and Kate have something আরো - story.
Best 1-3 words to describe season for Jate: heartbreaking angst

"always with you"
Best cute scene: "Touche" scene
Best hot scene: গাধা grab duh! ♥
Best quote: "I'm so glad আপনি changed your mind."
Best episode: SNBH I guess? xD
Best anti!skate moment: "Are আপনি okay?" is just big slap for Skate.
Best 1-3 words to describe season for Jate: always with you

প্রণয় is complicated"
Best cute scene: Kate cleaning his face in The Incident
Best hot scene: 316 kiss
Best quote: "I have always been with you." ♥
Best episode: The Incident
Best anti!skate moment: The Incident last look
Best 1-3 words to describe season for Jate: প্রণয় is complicated

epic eternal endgame"
Best cute scene: "Be careful."
Best hot scene: Last চুম্বন I think
Best quote: "I have missed আপনি so much."
Best episode: The End ftw!
Best anti!skate moment: the whole season... and universal recognition look ♥
Best 1-3 words to describe season for Jate: epic eternal endgame

12. Define Jate in...
One word: bittersweet
One song: Fix You
One movie: Titanic
One color: white
One season of the year: fall
One object: pen
One place: jungle
One food: chocolate
One animal: um... Cat maybe
One number: 316

13.The most
Emotional moment: cliff scene, just thinking about it gives me all the feelings
Sad moment: SNBH fight
Happy moment: The পোকা hug
Funny moment: verbally copulating
Sexy moment: গাধা grab & hallway jex!
Cute moment: "Aww, touche."
Unexpected moment: "Because I প্রণয় you."

"they are really connected through time and space"
14. Your favourite quote ব্যক্ত be Matthew or/and Evangeline?
Foxy's: "It`s like two ships constantly passing in the night, but they are really connected through time and space". ♥

15.Your favourite quote on Jate ব্যক্ত দ্বারা other member of cast অথবা crew?
"They have met before this life, and they will meet again in another." - JJ has spoken and this quote sums up everything.

16. আপনি can take a scene from these হারিয়ে গেছে couples and give it to Jate...
Charlie&Claire - তালিকা of best memories
Desmond&Penny - phone call
Sawyer&Kate - uhm... Maybe hug after Libby and Ana-Lucia's deaths
Sawyer&Juliet - reunion
Shannon&Sayid - চুম্বন in front of fire

"It has always been Jack. "
17. শীর্ষ 5 reasons why Jate is better than Skate?
1. Their connection was stronger than anything other in the world.
2. They changed each other... for better.
3. It has always been Jack.
4. Opposites attract.
5. "What is meant to be, is meant to be."

18. Is there anything that আপনি would want to change about Jack&Kate journey?
Even if, I wouldn't do that. It's perfect the way it is.

"They simply complete each other."
19. Would আপনি still ship Jate if they weren't endgame?
Of course. It's all about journey they've been through.

20. Most ridiculous thing haters were saying before series finale?
Many stuff... Like J/K's relationship is dysfunctional. lmao! So Skate's is functional, yeah? Jack and Kate were both dagmaged in some way, and when they met, during danger, fights, they bring up the best in each other and changed in the great way. They simply complete each other.

when আপনি প্রণয় someone, আপনি sometimes have to let go"
21. Most ridiculous thing haters are saying after series finale?
There was even whole Eli's pick about it, but when I heard that Kate chose life and leaving Jack in the finale, I just went হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ দুশ্চরিত্রা no. It's heartbreaking, but beautiful like in case of Sun and Jin - they drowned together not wanting to leave. But what Jack did in The End was his sacrifice, mainly for Kate - he loved her, so he wanted her to have life. And Kate did what he was asking for, even if that completly broken her - because when আপনি প্রণয় someone, আপনি sometimes have to let go. She did. And we know how it ended.

"slowly dancing on the beach"
22. আপনি have the chance to write script for one আরো Jate scene. How would it look like?
Ohh. I always wanted to see a dance. Maybe on the island, it'd be bright night, full moon, and they end up slowly dancing on the beach... আপনি know, some cute and funny talk, and later this kind of silence when they just enjoy theirs company... And almost kiss. *sighs*

23. Is there any other couple (tv/movie/book) that reminds আপনি of Jate?
For obvious reasons, Jack/Rose from টাইটানিক and Peter/Olivia from Fringe.

"Nothing really ends, right?"
24. How do আপনি feel about theory that Kate was pregnant with Jack’s baby when she left Island?
My shipper হৃদয় is really awwwing (new word xD) at this theory, it tastes heartbreaking, because আপনি know, jamily and Jack as a daddy not gonna happen, but I would feel like... Nothing really ends, right?

25. How do আপনি imagine Kate's life after she left the island?
I think she had hard times, but she tried be as happy as she could - remember, Jack sacrificed himself for her. She wanted to get best from her life, I think she was looking for stabilization, so she could marry some guy who made her happy. But before all: Kate missed Jack so much!

26. Did আপনি ever doubt your প্রণয় in Jate?
Never ever.

"She seems to be great person, smart and funny"
27. Who would আপনি rather meet if আপনি had the chance? Matthew, Evie, Jack অথবা Kate? What would say/do?
Oh, idk, maybe Evie. She seems to be great person, smart and funny, and lately she became my girl crush. I would like to talk with her about future, and হারিয়ে গেছে of course! "What আপনি can tell my about Foxy?" - pretty much. xD

28. Is there anything আপনি want to add?
Well... For the haters: প্রদর্শনী is ended, they're endgame, get over it. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself. xD) Thanks again to people who voted on me, and I wish all Jisters Merry বড়দিন and Happy New Year! Have great time huns. :)

"For the haters: প্রদর্শনী is ended, they're endgame, get over it."