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 I feel amazed and honoured.
I feel amazed and honoured.
1. Jongrats Cate for being the new Jate FOTM~ How do আপনি feel?
Thankyou so much!!! I feel amazed and honoured. I haven't been on ফ্যানপপ very long, so being FOTM for the best spot and best ship of all time is just incredable! Thankyou to everyone who voted for me

2. Usual question, tell us something about yourself?
Well, I'm 17, and am the first Aussie jister :P. I'm a complete chocoholic, I প্রণয় to read just about anything, and প্রণয় to write. When I leave school I'd like to do a uni degree in teaching-I প্রণয় children, and helping them learn and grow everyday would be an amazing job.
 I was hooked from the pilot.
I was...
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CONGRTS S! আপনি totally deserved this :)

First of all, I would প্রণয় to thank all Jaters on this spot. আপনি are amazing! Thanks for being so active and for this FOTM xD প্রণয় YA!


1. As usual xD, why don't আপনি start দ্বারা introducing yourself and দ্বারা telling us something we don't know about you? xP

OK. So, I'm Sylwia :) Most of আপনি knows me as S অথবা biased Desmond fangirl who would die for blue শার্ট অথবা the one who loves to spam হারিয়ে গেছে spot with icons. .. well I’m from Poland. A beautiful country আপনি all should visit! I’m 18 years old..almost 19. And I will have THE...
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