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posted by jacobs_bella
(chapter 1)
As i sat on the সৈকত in front of my house, listining to the wave's brush up on the sand and smelling the light saltly breeze that follows it. I let my mind wander from প্রশ্ন to question. What did he mean when we can't be near each other and why can't i see him anymore? it hurt so bad that i went blank. until i felt the cold rainy wind brush against my face. I finally stood up letting the sand squish between my toes. I sighed as i bent down to pick my shoes that were now covered in sand. I started up to my house.knowing that my mom went to go see my dad in some place that i don't...
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Okay here is chapter 6, again apologies for any spelling errors. Things heat up a bit with Blair and Jacob as she finds out about the নেকড়ে-মানুষ and vampires, but they dont চুম্বন yet, i guess we have to wait until chapter 7 ;) hehe thanks for the support guys! মতামত and rate :)

Mum let me take the week off because of my ankle the doctor ব্যক্ত it was sprained and I shouldn’t be walking on it. That doctor sure didn’t look anything like a doctor, আরো like a movie star, his name was Doctor Cullen, অথবা something like that. I haven’t seen Jacob since Tuesday, and today is Thursday, Billy said...
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Ok, this one isn't as good as the first chapter because its a filler, but stick with me! The পরবর্তি chapter will be better, i promise!

Chapter Two

    As the sun broke through my window, I sat up and gasped. Sun! There was actually sun shining in La Push, Washington! I jumped out of বিছানা and rushed to my window, yanking my curtain out of the way. But as I looked out, it wasn’t the sun that was on my mind anymore. Glancing at Jacob’s house, the memories of the নেকড়ে came back to haunt me once again. I had trouble getting to sleep last night. The আরো I thought about it, the...
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 j b
j b
this one about gives jacob fair প্রণয় story that he need its all from my mind so i really hope আপনি like it its my first প্রবন্ধ ever there is no আরো edward অথবা jacob
chapter 1 ~ i thought that my life was normal easy clear stable but life is change a lot .... when আপনি got that change the fear control s every cell of your body the fear of the future আপনি would never give the thought of it will be better a change for good i think !.....~
my mother and i never did agree On one thing in all my life she always think that i am the liability promising future since the দিন i came to this life i stop...
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I’m Jacob Black. আপনি bought my dad’s truck.
Jacob Black, Twilight, Chapter 6, p.119

I don’t think a tank could take out that old monster.
Jacob Black, Twilight, Chapter 6, p.120

You wouldn’t happen to know where I could get my hands on a master cylinder for a 1986 Volkswagen Rabbit?
Jacob Black, Twilight, Chapter 6, p.120

Do আপনি like scary stories?
Jacob Black, Twilight, Chapter 6, p.123

Another legend claims that we descended from নেকড়ে — and that the নেকড়ে are our brothers still.
Jacob Black, Twilight, Chapter 6, p.124

There are stories of the cold ones as old as the নেকড়ে legends, and some...
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This chapter isnt the best yet, i think chapter 9 will be much better, but here is chapter 8, there is আরো emotion in this one, if some of it doesnt make sense its probably because i was tired লেখা it, please মতামত and rate! thanks guys :)

Jacob got his phone and dialled a number.
“Hello...Carlisle were on our way to your house, are the others there...They are okay good.” Jacob ব্যক্ত and hung up the phone. We drove up a dark lane, Jacob was speeding, then we pulled up a big white house, and someone appeared standing outside the door as we were walking up, I stood behind Jacob frightened...
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posted by mmmtasty
হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ i wrote this in about fifteeen মিনিট and then I couldn't stop. I loved the way the story was flowing so I kept writting. I now have 4 chapters this being the first, though i think i could tweak it a bit to make it better. Let me know please!


[Chapter 1]

On the southern coast of the state of Texas there is a small town that is call the “beacon” of our wonderful state. This towns name is Port Isabel, and this town, indecently is where I grew up. My name is Lily Embers, and I used to hate this town I reside in. Oh how I resented living in this corner of the United States. It was...
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I understood what this spot is about.
I agree...people got very obsessed with the movie characters and totally forgot the characters-of-the-book-not-movie.

though I am one of those totally jacob/taylor fangirl i now sometimes how annoying it can be to forget the JACOB BLACK and talk about TAYLOR BLACK.

There are mainly 3 categories
1.are the অনুরাগী who like the movie but have no idea and havent read the book.
2.are the অনুরাগী who read the book and felt that the movie ruined the characters for them.
3.are the অনুরাগী who like the book+movie.

OMG!!!!i jst found out dat dakota fanning iz playiin jane...iz it tru??iz she really gonna play jane
4 doze whu dont no dakota fanning iz she'z da main character from da golden compass

well i dunno bout dat but i dont like da grl
besidez iznt she 2 yung 2 play jane??

oh well,we'll c wen da muviie cumz out wat will b da outcum

i jst noe new mun'z gunna b gr8
mayb even gr8'r dan twilight
oh well whu noez

well ciao 4 now
tC evry1

gudniite |-)
p.s.im writin diis at like 10-45
মতামত bak অথবা add me as a fren
peace out brova'z
Part 3 continues where part 2 ended.

I started to get a little mad; he truly didn’t notice my প্রণয় for him at all. I didn’t have anything else to say, I just kept on driving until we got to the beach. I pulled up to the space, I quickly turned off my car. He noticed me upset, he grabbed my arm.
“What’s the matter with you?”
“Nothing Jake, I just wished that আপনি could open those eyes and realize”……I stopped myself.
“Realize what?” he asked. He looked at me with concerned written in his face.
“That……that….that she isn’t the one for you” I know I lied but I didn’t...
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posted by Hellohoudini
FIRST PUBLISHED: April 28, 2009 4:59 PM EDT
LAST UPDATED: April 28, 2009 5:15 PM EDT
LOS ANGELES, Calif. --
Taylor Lautner’s hard work in the gym bulking up to play a werewolf in “New Moon” appears to have paid off – he’s scaring his co-stars.

Access Hollywood caught up with “New Moon” তারকা Peter Facinelli, who plays vampire Dr. Cullen, at the “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” premiere in LA Monday night where he admitted his newfound fear of Taylor.

“He scares me now!” Peter joked with Access. “He’s gotten really big and if I saw him in a back alley, I’d probably run!”...
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in the morning i can feel the weather is warm i can't open my eyes afraid that all was just a beautiful dream . i open my eyes slowly jacob was on the floor still sleeping i like the weather i can see the shiny sun light from the window that was the first sunny দিন from me in forks that give me a great mood i look at jacob peaceful face his lips is perfect i প্রণয় his skin color his eyes his muscles i প্রণয় so many things in him i want to tell him that to tell him that he is mine & i am his , every time i will look at his face i will tell him that i will never sick of it i adore him i didn't...
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posted by Jacobs_girl
Chapter one (hopfully there will be a chapter two)    

I lay there waiting for the realization to kick in. I thought, this can't be happing, at least not to me. I had always been a self centered person, never , even in preschool would I share my toys. I always got my way no matter what, because my parents had such great connections. But thats over now, they're dead. I am waiting for my friend, Maria to come pick me up. I think I will crash at her place for a while, till I figure out what is going to happen to me. I bet আপনি didn't know this but she has the cutest older brother,...
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Hope u enjoy reviewing the great Jacob Black উদ্ধৃতি from eclipse ^.^

Sorry. I don’t have any leeches on my speed dial.

Better frightened than lied to.

She’s tougher than আপনি think. And she’s been through worse.

It’s his own fault if he doesn’t like the things I remember, though.

I think I might have been wrong before, আপনি know, about not being able to be friends. Maybe we could manage it, on my side of the line. Come see me.

I miss আপনি every day, Bella. It’s not the same without you.

The fortune-telling bloodsucker can’t see us? Seriously? That’s excellent!

He thought আপনি were the...
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posted by Kirkir
Jacob Black

Jacob is the best
character in twilight
because he's a werewolf
that doesn't change in the moonlight.

He lived in La Push
with his father Billy Black
when his old friend
Bella, comes back.

He went to Forks
to meet her
but Bella felt no
connection to him there.

Edward, the vampire
the life of Bella he was
jealousy to Jacob
it caused.

Jacob saved Bella
from the hungry vampire
from drowning and from Victoria
whose hair was like fire.

Jacob realized that Bella's
প্রণয় he could never be
but no worries there's
her daughter, Renesmee.

So..I'm very obsessed with Jacob Black :D I have a close friend who likes to write poems and she knows about my obsession of Jacob and she ব্যক্ত নমস্কার why don't আপনি try and write a poem about him!
So I wrote it and that's the result :D Tell me if আপনি like it pls !
posted by floydieface
Starting Over

I was at the airport waiting. My flight was delayed due to weather conditions. I figured I’d better call প্রথমপাতা and let my mom know I was going to be late. As I dialed the phone, I was thinking about the last time I had seen my parents. I wasn’t told what the outcome was of my fight with my father. I nervously waited as the phone rang.
“Hey Mom, its Nessie.”
“Hey, honey! Are আপনি calling from the plane?”
“No, my flight was delayed.”
“Oh…well that’s okay honey. I’ll pick আপনি up from the airport. Just call me when you’re in the air so I know...
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 the she-wolf
the she-wolf
I can still see the smile on that girls face when we first met. I can still remember the promise we made in fifth grade. "i promise that i'll never hurt if you'll never tell." she laughed so hard that she had to sit done."WHAT ARE আপনি LAUGHING FOR! THIS IS SERIOUS! If anyone finds out i'll have to leave you!" looking me in the eye, she stoped and everything was dead quite."why would i tell ANYONE that my best friend is a werewolf! who would even bealeve me?" i was so releved that she wouldn't tell that the onlt thing I could do was smile at her. then i broke down in tears.between...
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posted by nessienjake
Don't get me wrong I seriously প্রণয় Jacob but when I saw this on my যন্ত্রপত্র I recieved I had to প্রদর্শনী it to আপনি guys ^.^enjoy cranking up

1.throw a stick and yell to him too fetch it.

2.when he dousnt get it say "what kind of a dog are আপনি ?"

3. buy him a kitten for his birthday and name it edward.

4. tell him that he needs a haircut then take him to the pet groomers

5.buy him a "bite me" tee-shirt

6.buy him a shock coller and press the button evry time he swears . . .

7.give him a muzzle.

8.go cliff diving without im.

9 wait for him too come save আপনি when...
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sorry this one is a bit rushed. Hope আপনি guys like it, appreciation towards the অনুরাগী পাঠ করা this!

“Blair, im so sorry I got প্রথমপাতা late, Harry’s wife Sue was there, and we got along well, I’ve invited them, Billy and Jacob for ডিনার on Saturday.” Mum said, as she walked into my room. Dinner, with werewolves, this should go well…
“Yeah sure mum sounds great.” She smiled and looked all excited.
“This is going to be so much fun!” she added. “Oh I should let আপনি get some rest sorry sweetie” she kissed me goodnight. Jacob was at my side again as soon as she left.
“I’m going...
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posted by twilight_fan_8
"Alice, what did I do wrong?" I asked uneasily.

"Bella, আপনি did nothing wrong. It is Jacob who is the idiot here. আপনি have been going out with him for what, a বছর now? And, now he just ignores আপনি for a week. Unbelievable," Alice answered.

"Should I go to his house?" I asked.

Alice just answered with a shrug. With that I stood up from my বিছানা and sprinted down the stairs. I ran out of my house and to my truck. I just had to get some answers. The last time I saw him was on a তারিখ just a week ago. He seemed very normal then. I remember when he kissed me goodnight.

"Sweet dreams, Bella. I love...
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