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This জ্যাকব ব্ল্যাক ছবি contains ব্যবসা উপযোগী, মামলা, and জামাকাপড় মামলা. There might also be সুবেশী ব্যক্তি, মামলা, প্যান্ট স্যুট, pantsuit, ইভনিং স্যুট, পূর্ণ পোষাক, tailcoat, লেজ কোট, মুদ্রার উলটা পিঠ, সাদা টাই, সাদা টাই এবং মুদ্রার উলটা পিঠ, and তিনটা স্যুট.

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নমস্কার guys here is chapter 12 :) dont forget to rate and মতামত it! thank আপনি to all the অনুরাগী and your comments, it keeps me motivated to write :)

“Blair” Jake ব্যক্ত caressing my cheek. “You will figure it out” he ব্যক্ত trying to force a smile.
“I don’t want to figure it out Jake” I said. Just then his door burst open and Stefan was standing there. I looked at him confused. Jake sat up.
“How আপনি feeling?” he asked.
“Good” Jacob answered in a flat tone.
“Hey Blair” Stefan smiled at me.
“Hi” I ব্যক্ত back.
“Is it rude to ask আপনি what you’re doing here?” I said...
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Em and I watched as our men walked in the woods with Bella, I was distraught but Emily seemed okay with the idea, we got into my car but I was too nervous to drive, I exchanged my আসন with her. We got to my house and the bright sun was no longer shining. I looked up to see dark gray clouds, it made me even আরো nervous when I saw dark clouds of smoke. I felt the warm touch of someone wrapping there arm around me.
“Keila don’t worry, our boys are born for this” ব্যক্ত Emily.
“I know, but I just can’t help but worry, I just got with the man of my dreams, if something happens to him I don’t...
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Part 5 continues from where part 4 ended.

“Good, his punk anyway” he giggle I giggled with him. “Let’s get something to eat “I told him. He agreed, we went to a new spot it was called Worrier’s the place was semi packed. The Waiter sat us দ্বারা a window the lights was dimed. It was very relaxing, Jake orders a doubled beacon chesses burger with fries and পেঁয়াজ rings, I order a chicken স্যান্ডউইচ with coleslaw. I felt like we were bonding. When our meal came he fed me a পেঁয়াজ ring, it looked like his eyes sparkled. “Could it be that he finally realized I’m the one for him?” I told...
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Part 4 continues from part 3 ended.

The পরবর্তি morning I woke up to my cell phone ringing. I check the caller I.D. to see Jacobs name. “Hello” I said.
“What time are আপনি going to the চলচ্চিত্র with Ernie?
“I dunno, maybe around 7, Why?”
“Cause I’m joining you” he said.
I sat up on my bed, “It’s my date, what আপনি mean you’re joining, আপনি didn’t even ask”
“I’m joining, that’s the end of it” he quickly hung up the phone. I placed my hand on my face and slowly dragged it down my face. I quickly dialed Leah’s Number. “Hello, what time is it?” she asked
“Hey Leah,...
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Chapter Six
    I was a little nervous about returning to the house. I mean, everyone knew about the “incident” since Edward’s ability to read minds.
“ Don’t worry.” Jacob ব্যক্ত softly into my ear as we neared the house.
“ How did আপনি know?” I asked, amazed at his acuteness of knowing how I was feeling.
“ Because.” he smiled and lifted his hand, tracing a finger down the মহাকাশ in between my eyebrows. “ আপনি get little worry lines here.”
I blushed a little. I didn’t know I was that transparent. We arrived at the front door.
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OMG!!!!i jst found out dat dakota fanning iz playiin jane...iz it tru??iz she really gonna play jane
4 doze whu dont no dakota fanning iz she'z da main character from da golden compass

well i dunno bout dat but i dont like da grl
besidez iznt she 2 yung 2 play jane??

oh well,we'll c wen da muviie cumz out wat will b da outcum

i jst noe new mun'z gunna b gr8
mayb even gr8'r dan twilight
oh well whu noez

well ciao 4 now
tC evry1

gudniite |-)
p.s.im writin diis at like 10-45
মতামত bak অথবা add me as a fren
peace out brova'z
Chapter Five

    We both ran out of breath eventually and he pulled his lips from mine, resting them on my neck.
I was gasping, my mind still whirling uncontrollably.
“ Wow.”
I could feel his lips pull up into a smile.
“ Yeah I know.” His voice was slightly muffled দ্বারা my neck and hair. His lips were distracting as he kissed up my neck.
“ Jake…” I trailed off, the sight of him স্নেহ চুম্বন Renesmee still fresh in my mind. He sighed and pulled away, straightening to his full height.
“ Will আপনি let me explain?” His চকোলেট eyes were sad, holding me captive.
“ Yeah.”...
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heres CHapter Four!!

Chapter Four

    Her eyes weren’t quite the golden color of all the others, they were still slightly murky. She stared at me with a expression I couldn’t make out.
“ Hi Mika. it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Edward’s voice was like honey.
“ Hi. Um, nice to meet আপনি too.” I murmured softly, trying to look away from Bella’s penetrating stare.
“ Bella stop. You’re making her uncomfortable.” Edward ব্যক্ত softly.
Bella looked away from me a moment and stared into Edward’s eyes. The tension that crackled between them seemed to fill the room...
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Heres chapter three!!!!!

Chapter Three

    I was relaxing on my bed, wallowing in my misery listening to সঙ্গীত when something scraped against my window. I jumped and stifled a scream. It was dark outside and long shadows cast eerie shapes on my walls. I pulled off my head phones and scooted slowly off my bed. I could still hear D.H.T‘s Listen To Your হৃদয় playing. How ironic. I creeped toward my window, preparing for something scary. I looked around. Nothing. I opened it and leaned my head out. Only darkness. I felt scared. My হৃদয় started pounding. I tried to breathe...
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Sorry, its kinda long, but stick with it and let me know if there should be a Chapter two!!

I stared out the window, my mood matching the gloomy weather outside. I took in the lush green landscape of Forks, Washington, as it flew past my window. My dad was a professor who was fascinated with old Indian legends. We were on our way to La Push, a reservation occupied with Quileute Indians. Apparently, the Quileute’s were descendents of shape shifters, people who could change shapes and become wolves. Yeah right. I wasn’t convinced at all, but my dad was completely sold on the idea. This wasn’t...
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