Jana is my real name. And when I started doing চলচ্ছবি with girls one producer asked me what name I want to use for their production, I sad 'I don’t know' and he picked this name Cova and I kept it because I liked it. My পছন্দ movie is 'Dirty Dancing'. My পছন্দ খাবার is 'Steaks'. I gave my first চুম্বন to a guy in kindergarten, he was 5 and I was 5 too of course. But I shared this guy with my friend Eva. So he was the hero at our kindergarten because he had two girls. I don’t know why I just remembered this. But I don’t remember when I had a real first kiss.
After work I always take a bath অথবা shower, have a glass of white wine and watch a movie. অথবা I just go out and hang out with friends. I প্রণয় to work with Jesse Jane,Teagan Presly and now my new পছন্দ is Shay Jordan. She loves girls a lot, so its easy to work with her. I am very close to my fans. I keep in touch with them through myspace, yahoo group and I always respond to their messages অথবা emails. I chat live with them on my website as well and doing live webcam shows for them every other weekend. I don’t do lot of conventions, the only one I do is AVN in Vegas, and I প্রণয় to meet with my অনুরাগী and take pics with them and talk with them. Its always fun. For sure I want to keep my website and keep shooting exclusive content for clubjanacova.com. Have a family and make as much money as I can and open my own restaurant. This is my plan for my future.