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posted by brazillianlove
When was the last time আপনি saw a man beat down your ex bf for calling আপনি a b**ch অথবা making আপনি cry? When is the last time where আপনি saw a man অথবা heard of a man take care of business while beating a man to the ground and still pick আপনি up in time in his rough manly motorcycle?

Ofcourse, we all like Jason Staham to be that way in the movies, but who is he really? Ladies, do we even care? Not really, Jason Statham with those looks can have any woman he wants including Ms. Whitney, Victorias Secret model and Megan শিয়াল replacement in ট্র্যান্সফর্মার 3. Wow... can any women really compare অথবা live up...
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Despite there being a wide range of memorabilia that is being marketed to অনুরাগী these days; from the cheap and tacky, to the outrageously expensive, I believe that I have stumbled upon, not only a niche product, but also one that is truly unique, and most importantly one that provides value for money.

I am conducting a market research program, and as such, I would like to ask your opinion as to whether আপনি would think that an interior নকশা concept that I have developed, would be of any interest to fans, for me to সরানো on to the production stage.

Let me give আপনি some background information.

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