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This Jeff the killer ছবি contains সাইন, পোস্টার, টেক্সট, and চকবোর্ড. There might also be রাস্তায়, শহর দৃশ্য, শহুরে, and ব্যবসা উপযোগী.

posted by sieluvzsoul
My name is Aricelia Freedman. I am 13 years old and this is the story of how Jeff the Killer changed me and my brother into a creepypasta.

"Mom this place is creepy!" I ব্যক্ত walking into my new house couphing "and not to mention dusty" I continued. "Ari please try to enjoy it. Itll mean a lot to me and your father" mom said. "Mom hes not OUR father, hes YOUR fiance" my brother Jakob ব্যক্ত walking into the house "and sorry I have to side with Ari on this one. This place is WAY creepy" jakob said. "And whats the point of getting a bigger house if were gonna have to share a room" we both ব্যক্ত angrily. "Both of আপনি calm down! Now lemme প্রদর্শনী আপনি too your room so আপনি can be all settled in দ্বারা the time Gray gets home" mom ব্যক্ত as we let out annoyed moans but followed our mom upstairs anyways.

 Aricelia and Jakob
Aricelia and Jakob
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this is a teaser for the photoshoot i'Ve made. do আপনি dig the costume ?
jeff the killer
Jeff was walking through the forest after a long night of murdering people. The sun was starting to rise and he had to get back to the mansion quick, অথবা Slender would not be happy with him. As he was getting close he felt something rubbing against his leg. He looked down to see a little grey cat. His first thought was to push it away, but something in him didn't want to do that. That thing must've been pretty brave. He thought. Most জন্তু জানোয়ার didn't dare to come near the forest, and this cat was so deep in that it was near the mansion. It's also kinda cute. He thought as he looked into the big...
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