Seriously, if আপনি প্রণয় Jessica Alba, you'll প্রণয় this new song. Check out the video at link. Totally funny and sweet.

This band is called Waiting For Betsy. Their সঙ্গীত is pretty cool, kinda like Jason Mraz অথবা Matchbox 20. Pop music, I guess. But their first single from the new CD is AWESOME --it's this goofy reggae song where the lead singer asks Jessica Alba out. It's seriously hilarious!

When they found out that Jessica is pregnant, they had to rewrite the song so it wasn't too creepy :-)

The new lines are,

I just heard the news that আপনি are pregnant
And I couldn't be আরো happy for us!
I just printed the adoption papers
I hope the baby looks like আপনি and
Not like your boyfriend :-)
Since I wrote আপনি this song
Dear Jessica Alba
I know you're out there
Grooving to my CD
Do আপনি wanna go out
And go see a movie
অথবা maybe ice cream
Everybody likes ice cream

And the lead singer is this totally dorky but decent looking guy, and the video has all these subtitles that are like talking privately to Jessica. It's really funny.