I’d rather be self-made than reality-show manufactured. Though some of the reality shows are great opportunities, for the artist I have become and the artist I want to become, I have to go through that struggle and rejection even if it takes another seven years.

I’d rather buy my own underwear than have someone else buy it for me. Now that I’m in the public eye, I don’t think I should change. I hate buying underwear because I hardly have any boobs. But I think that kind of thing is very personal.

I’d rather play children’s games than drinking games at a party. Pass the Parcel, any day. My বন্ধু would actually be able to answer that for me. I’m a big kid. Drinking doesn’t interest me one little bit.

I’d rather be in a Broadway musical than a Hollywood blockbuster. That’s tough, but I’ll take Broadway musical because that’s where I come from. That’s how I started. I really want to go back to it one day, but I’d still প্রণয় to do both. I’m currently লেখা a musical, actually.

I’d rather তারিখ a tomboy than a feminine guy. I find them way hot. I don’t think I’d want to তারিখ someone who wants to wear আরো makeup than me. What I find attractive is someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and likes to be spontaneous. Someone who lets me see who he অথবা she is and doesn’t try to change for anyone else.

I’d rather be a nobody than a sell-out. Dignity is one of the most important things in life. When I was younger, I wanted to copy everyone I looked up to. I’ve always understood that once you’re in the limelight, every person, especially younger people, look up to you. It’s important to take your role seriously.

This feature appears in Complex's August/September 2011 issue.