The Mask is a New Line Cinema production that was nominated for 2 oscars. The story is about a shy cartoon অনুরাগী banker named Stanley Ipkiss who has a pet dog named Milo ,and a guy named Charlie. One দিন a beautiful young woman named Tina Caryle who's Dorians girlfriend comes in to Stanley's work place and she has this camera in her bag as her boyfriend is a ganster. One night as his car breaks down he sees a mask in a river as he thought that there was a dead body at the harbour. But when he arrives প্রথমপাতা that night he puts on the mask and is changed into a wacky rubbergreen faced guy. Im not going into any details but I have seen this about 2 times অথবা 3 and at first I was so afraid of it but when I saw it the সেকেন্ড time it is hilarious . Cameron Diaz was very goodlooking in this even though her গান গাওয়া voice is dubbed দ্বারা Susan Boyd. I like Jim Carrey cause he is well down right funny as the nerdy banker who puts on this এনচ্যান্টেড mask and he becomes this wacky guy. The scene I thought was hilarious was the one where he became elvis and some cowboy হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ I was laughing my head off.
It is a very old movie but if আপনি like Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz and if your a sucker for comedies then you'll প্রণয় this. But beware DO NOT let your kids see it as they are some scary scenes that might frighten them aka when Dorian puts on the mask .

Rating: 7/10: A hilarious movie thats got SMOKY all over it.

Tagline: From Zero to Hero

P.s The orchetra is from Ireland check it out at the end credits if আপনি don't beleive me