It was a stormy দিন and Squee sat down on his bed, hoping that it would end soon so he could just run away. He was tired of his mom being passed out on the floor, and he was tired of his dad insulting him. "The only "friend" I have is Nny...but I'm not so sure I trust him because..well...he kills people...AND I DON'T WANNA BE পরবর্তি ON THE LIST!!" Suddenly Squee could hear a faint laugh, sounding like it came from his closet. "Who...who's there?" He shivered. The laugh got a little louder. "I swear I'll have Nny come and kill you!!" Then the laughing stopped and a voice came. "Your friend Nny cannot kill me." it said. "Yes he can! If he can kill 37 people in one restraunt, I'm pretty positive he can kill আপনি alone!" Squee ব্যক্ত with fear. "Yes..well...he can't kill me." "WHY DO আপনি SAY THAT!" Squee protested. Suddenly the closet door swings open-its Nny. "Because I am Nny HAHA!!" "Oh আপনি jerk!!" Squee yelled. "Oh come on it was just a joke!!" He laughed. "Yeah but still..." ব্যক্ত Squee. "And..yeah your right. I can kill 37 people in one restraunt-but your also WRONG!!!!"
"I'm telling আপনি every calculator I've ever looked at told me 2+2=4..not 5." Squee responded. "FOR THE LAST TIME আপনি HAVE TO CARRY THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Nny screamed. "THERE IS NO ONE TO CARRY!!! THAT'S WHY আপনি FAILED YOUR MATH SOL WHEN আপনি WERE 12!!!" Squee started yelling. "Lets talk about that another time-because THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!!! Dude..I wouldn't kill you...unless I was drunk অথবা something but on average I'd never kill you." Nny said...surprisingly CALMly. "You wouldn't???" Squee giggled. "Your life's bad enough already..." ব্যক্ত Nny. "Well gee thanks. That supports me alot." Squee ব্যক্ত sarcastically. Nny just laughed and shook his head. "Yeah you're welcome." Then Squee's mom came barging in. "You get away from my on you..maniac!!" she said, not exactly balanced. "You get away from!!" Nny protested-and pulled out a gun. "Oh mah god!!" Squee squealed. Nny grabbed Squee দ্বারা the মণ্ডল neck and broke out the window. "I'll catch আপনি crazy kids!!" His mom shouted from above. It was still storming-something Nny didn't notice. "Ah dude...its still storming out here what were আপনি thinking?" Squee dripped. "About the দিন I.." "Don't go there." "Just go to my house." Nny said, grabbing Squee's arm.