Nny started running down the streets, ignoring the oncoming cars. "GET OUT OF MY WAY অথবা I SCRAPE YOUR EYES OUT!!!" he kept shouting at the cars. "Watch out for the.."Squee couldnt finish. Nny turned around-and slams into a brick wall. "wall..."Squee finished too late. "Kind of a late warning..." Nny screamed. "Maybe if আপনি had let go of me আপনি wouldn't have hit the দেওয়াল ya moron!!" Squee screeched "Its maniac, not moron." Nny replied "WHATS THE DIFFERENCE!!!" Squee shouted. "....meaning...spelling...pronouncation...geological..and......thats it." Nny ব্যক্ত sarcastically. "Can আপনি just take me home?" Squee asked. "My প্রথমপাতা অথবা your home?" "If I wanted to go to my প্রথমপাতা I would start walking right now!" "But...your house is পরবর্তি to mine..." ব্যক্ত Nny. "THEN WHY WERE আপনি IN THE STREET???" Squee shouted "I'm a maniac remember?" Nny protested. "Ugg...just...c'mon!!!" Squee ব্যক্ত angrily. "Kay..." Nny replied. When he finally got out of the রাস্তা and into his yard, he bolted into his house so..nobody would..notice..him... "What was that about!!" Squee cried. "I was bored....NOW I CUT YOUR FILTHY THROAT MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Nny screeched. "I thought you'd never kill me." Squee protested. "Maybe I'm drunk right now..." ব্যক্ত Nny. Squee backed up into the closet and locked himself in.