"HOW CAN আপনি BE DRUNK??" Squee squealed. "Craziness makes me drunk...unlike alcohol..." Nny replied. "Okay then stay in your...happy spot!" ব্যক্ত Squee. "I dont have one-wait...in the shower?" ব্যক্ত Nny. "IF THAT'S WHERE YOU'RE CALM THEN KNOCK YOURSELF OUT!! ব্যক্ত Squee. "Knock myself out? OK!!!" Nny said, hitting himself in the head with a baseball bat, literally knocking himself out. "MEEEP!!" Squee said, crawling out of the closet. "Ok now's my chance to...." Squee couldn't help but notice the blood on the walls. "Ewwwwwww...." he said. "What kind of house does..." suddenly he heard a scream...it was the doorbell.... "Do I dare open that door." he thought to himself. He pulled Shmee out of his backpack. "Ok, if I go down, at least you'll be with me Shmee..." he said, opening the door verrrrrry slowly. "Hi yeah I have a box for a Johnny....." ব্যক্ত the mailman. "who's with you???!!!" Nny protested, shoving Squee out of the way. Squee was so confused.....so he wrapped himself around Johnny's leg. "Uh..no one's with me I just need আপনি to sign.." the mailman studdered. "I DIDN'T AGREE TO THIS MARRIAGE!!!!" Nny shouted. "Marriage? AAAAAAAAAAH!!" The poor mailman ব্যক্ত screaming, dropping the box on Nny's front porch. "Thanks again!" Nny shouted to him, waving. (?????) Squee was still attached to Nny's leg. "What and why are আপনি doing?" Nny asked. "BECAUSE I KEEP HEARING DEMONS IN MY HEAD!!" he responded. "Should I slice it open and let them free?" Nny joked. "Thanks...but..I'll pass...so whats in the box?" Squee said, hopping off Nny's leg. "I wish I knew" nny replied. As Nny tore open the box a bright light came from it.