It was a sunny দিন in the neighborhood, and Nny simply despised it. "Happiness...blech! It makes me wanna vomit." he said. He pulled out some old cloth and draped it over his window. "THE SUNLIGHT BURNS MY SKIN!!" he screamed. Suddenly his doorbell rang. He ran up to the door and opened it just slightly. "What do আপনি want...and make it quick I don't do too well in the sun." he said. It was Squee at the door! "Have আপনি seen my parents anywhere? I just came প্রথমপাতা from school and I usually say hello to them but today...they weren't even home..." he asked. "GET IN HERE CHILD!" Nny said, yanking Squee দ্বারা the arm and dropping him on the floor, slamming the door behind him. "DO আপনি KNOW WHAT KIND OF PAIN I ENDURE? I DON'T CARE ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE, AND I MOST CERTAINLY WON'T WASTE MY TIME LOOKING FOR YOUR IDIOT PARENTS!!!!!!!" he screeched. Squee sqeaked with fear. "S-so did আপনি kill them অথবা something??" Squee asked. "WHAT?! IF I HAD THEM I WOULD'VE USED THEIR BLOOD FOR A GOOD REASON! WHY IS IT WHENEVER SOMEONE GOES MISSING THEY ASSUME I'M THE ONE WHO TOOK অথবা KILLED THEM?? AM I SOME KIND OF REGULAR AROUND HERE??" Nny yelled. "Well....maybe because আপনি like to kill people..." Squee suggested. Nny's face turned red. He pulled out a knife. "I suggest আপনি leave, before your blood ends up on my wall." Nny threatened. Squee bolted out the door like a cheetah. Nny sat down on his পালঙ্ক and began to think. "Hmm.." he kept saying repeatedly for almost an hour. "Ok I think I've got thats not possible...ack! I'M TALKING TO MYSELF!" He stomped into his front yard and over to Squee's. Squee answered with a can of toxins in his hand. "What's that for?" Nny asked. "Safety" Squee shook. "Yeah well...I need headache medicine. Do আপনি happen to have any?" he asked. "Uh uh..." Squee replied. "I'm sure আপনি do. " Nny said, barging into Squee's bathroom. He scrambled all through the cabinets, but still nothing. "WHERE IS THE FREAKING HEAD MEDICINE IN THIS FILTHY PLACE????" Nny screamed. "There is none..honest.." Squee answered. " to have just walked in like this is my own home, but things keep talking to me..." Nny said. "And hey, don't worry about me ever doing this again..I'll just go to the pharmacy from now on...but আপনি seem like a reliable little person eh?" he said. "I guess so..." Squee said. "Well, I'm heading out."