"Ok...just stop. What do আপনি want from me, and why me?" asked Nny. "We want আপনি to kill yourself. Because you've underpopulated this world." it said. Nny took some of the meds, then decided to take a nap. Just after a few hours, there was a knock at the door. Nny got up and weakly opened the door. It was Squee! "Why do আপনি look so tired?" he asked. "I've been tired...what do আপনি want?" Nny replied. "Uh...my mommy usually makes me ডিনার দ্বারা now, and its 7;30, but her and daddy still aren't home...can I please stay with আপনি tonight? Maybe I can help আপনি with the...things আপনি keep hearing." ব্যক্ত Squee. "Ugg...Okay fine...you can sleep with me tonight...but I may not be asleep...asking these little voices what the heck is wrong with them...well, go make yourself some food. Call me if আপনি need anything..." ব্যক্ত Nny. Nny walked upstairs while Squee made himself a sandwich. Nny sat down on his bed, and began hearing voices again. "What and who are you?" he asked. "We are demons...of the dead. We want আপনি with us, so আপনি can kill some of the evil demons. They are overpopulating this world, and আপনি seem fit for killing, Johnny." it replied. "NO! I simply won't kill myself!" Nny ব্যক্ত sternly. "Very well then. আপনি will want to in the end." Nny was shocked to hear that. It meant SOMETHING. In the End is a song দ্বারা Linkin Park. If you've heard it you'd understand. "I've some উত্তর at least..." he said. Squee came running up to Nny. "Nny nny nny!" he said. "What what what?" Nny replied. "I'm tired now...where do I sleep?" asked Squee. "On my bed. I won't be sleeping tonight. অথবা any other night. I need আরো answers..." ব্যক্ত Nny. "Oh...OK...good night!" Squee said, falling asleep. Nny walked downstairs being tormented. He saw a gun on the table. "Don't do it Johnny!" ব্যক্ত a voice. "I SWEAR IF আপনি GUYS DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE I'LL..." "No no Johnny I'm not a demon! It's me nailbunny! Listen! Those voices are wrong! Johnny, its not worth it to kill yourself! Please! আপনি have a purpose in this world, but আপনি won't in the other world!" ব্যক্ত Nailbunny. "Maybe you're right! Maybe they're just trying to trick me into something!" ব্যক্ত Nny. He put the gun down and sat down on his front porch.