okay, so আপনি are sick and Min Hyuk cleared his schedule just to take care for you! This is how he takes care of you:

You:: Oppa!! আপনি didn't have to clear your schedule for me! I feel ok!
(you sneeze)
Min Hyuk: No আপনি don't!! I will stay here untill আপনি feel happy and healthy like usual! That's a promise!
You:: Oppa!! আপনি are so sweet!!
(you চুম্বন his cheek)
Min Hyuk: Thank you. Besides, i know আপনি would do the same for me right?
You: Of Course Oppa!!!
Min Hyuk: One second, I will be right back.

(Min Hyuk comes in with খাবার for you)

[u}You[/u]: Oppa! thank আপনি for the food
Min Hyuk: আপনি need all the vitamins আপনি can get. See? I brought আপনি কমলা juice!
Min Hyuk bringing আপনি কমলা রস

You: Thank আপনি so much for taking care of me Oppa!
Min Hyuk: (puts কমলা রস in glass)
You: (drinks কমলা রস and finishes eating
Min Hyuk: Dont forget your medicine!!!
You:Thank আপনি Oppa.

After a few days, আপনি start to get better but he comes to visit everyday just to make sure your still getting better.As soon as Min Hyuk wakes up he comes to visit আপনি Min Hyukkie comes in looking like this:
Min Hyuk comes to visit আপনি looking like this