1. Minhyuk was born on June 28, 1991
2. He was born at Chulsandong, but lived
in Ilsan for 16 years. So, he think his
hometown is Ilsan.
3. Minhyuk is the youngest at প্রথমপাতা and
CN BLUE (together with jungshin) as well.
4. Minhyuk favourite artist are Maroon5
and Linkin Park
5. Minhyuk also likes classical সঙ্গীত like
6. Since young, his mother gave him
various musical educations like পিয়ানো and
7. Minhyuk have an interest to music
since he liked classical সঙ্গীত so he
learned to play পিয়ানো and flute.
8. Minhyuk liked band সঙ্গীত after
listening to Maroon5.
9. Type of girl minhyuk’s like is
comfortable like a friend type of girl. Age
doesn’t really matter for him.
10. Minhyuk seriously started falling in
প্রণয় with সঙ্গীত when he watched his
friend’s live performance.
11. Before minhyuk go on the stage, he
usually goes to the restroom first.
12. Minhyuk revealed :” I’m one of the
people who are আরো nervous than
normal. My হৃদয় beats like crazy before I
take the stage”.
13. When minhyuk was young, he want
to be a baseball player, and for
profession, he want to be a lawyer. But
now he want to be a musician.
14. Mother’s cooking খাবার that minhyuk
likes are শিম paste ভাপে সিদ্ধ করা and kimchi
stew. He loves it very much.
15. Minhyuk likes football, baseball and
also travelling.
16. Minhyuk’s favourite places in Japan
are In tokyo – around Shibuya.
17. And Minhyuk favourite place in Korea
– Sky Park Sangam Dong, downtown
18. When minhyuk লেখা lyrics or
composing, and he get stuck in the
middle, he usually bite his hands and
shake his legs.
19. Minhyuk get the inspiration mostly to
arranging সঙ্গীত from listening to music
and watch movie in order to get th
20. If Minhyuk in a bad mood, he will
indulge himself a little, for example,
having a big meal then go on diet for two
21. Actually, minhyuk wants to change his
“girly “ smile into a manly smile. Cause a
lot of people praise his girly smile, he
doesn’t agree.
22. While performing, minhyuk often to
“spin” his drum stick, to make him cool
23. But sometimes Minhyuk হারিয়ে গেছে his drum
stick, then he take another one then
continue plays.
24. Minhyuk has the best skin out of all
the CN BLUE members.
25. Minhyuk envy to Jungshin, because JS
always make the mood bright and he has
cheerful personality.
26. Minhyuk’s first প্রণয় is on 1st বছর if
27. Minhyuk ব্যক্ত his first প্রণয় was a
friend from another school but after
being friends, he could depend and rely
on her.
28. Minhyuk said, “At middle school, I was
sensitive about my grade. Once my grade
was so bad, I was so upset. I couldn’t
প্রদর্শনী it to mother”
29. Minhyuk ever left প্রথমপাতা and went to
sauna, stayed there till evening because
he got bad score.
30. Minhyuk is a romantic person , he
knows a lot about dating, like where to
go, where to eat,etc.
31. Minhyuk like anime, such as Bleach,
নারুত and One Piece.
32. For Minhyuk, speaking a lot is not
important. Playing the shaker to make the
song sound better was আরো meaningful
for him.
33. Minhyuk wish that CNBLUE can do
সঙ্গীত forever আরো than wanting to
receive a big award.
34. Minhyuk hopes to become a drummer
like the Dream Theatre’s Mike Portnoy
35. Minhyuk personally প্রণয় the খাদ and
drum sounds in the beginning of the
36. Minhyuk wants to go a backpacking
to ইউরোপ someday.
37. Sometimes MinHyuk sweat a lot
during performance and keep wiping his
face, and people were asking if he was
38. Minhyuk ever used one drumstick in 3
সঙ্গীত প্রদর্শনী and it’s ragged now cause
he often used it during “intuition”.
39. Minhyuk’s greatest achievement is felt
so great লেখা so many songs on his
40. Minhyuk looks kind, lovely and full of
charming acting. But actually he is quiet
and manly.
41. Minhyuk is the type of suffering from
pain for long time continuesly. Everytime
he remind a memories, he think of
42. A kind of role that Minhyuk want to
play is in action movie n act manly.But,he
ব্যক্ত There’s an 80% chance that he’ll play
an innocent.
43. Things from জাপান that Minhyuks use
regularly are Clothes.
44. Minhyuk called “ The king of losing “
He ever losing his ipod, wallet, etc
45. A celebrity who Minhyuk wants to be
friend is Senior Heechul ( Super Junior ).
he would like to be in a প্রদর্শনী with him.
46. Minhyuk first relationship is on 1st
grade of high school.
47. Minhyuk’s most happiest feeling while
performing is communicating with the
অনুরাগী and when immersed in the
48. Minhyuk: “ I am a type of thinking by
myself. These days I ask উপদেশ to
Yonghwa অথবা Jonghyun hyung. Then I
think দ্বারা myself again.”
49. Minhyuk: “I’ve never thought that I
get tired of hearing our songs.”
50. MinHyuk usually composes সঙ্গীত or
write lyrics when he traveling in the car
51. Minhyuk listen to others সঙ্গীত to get
inspiration.Sometimes it’s when it’s real
late at night when He’s alone.He look out
of the window.
52. For Minhyuk, his mother’s মিসো soup
is his energy.
53. Q: “if আপনি win 100million yen and that
would be 1.3billion won,what will you
spend it on?” Minhyuk:“hmm..i want to
buy a car,lamborghini
54. Minhyuk loves spaghetti. But he hasn’t
tried making one before.
55. In Heartstrings, Minhyuk ব্যক্ত that the
eating scenes are the most difficult.Cause
he plays a role who eats a lot.
56. Minhyuk wants to travel on a bike or
maybe on buses. And Even in Korea, there
are many places that he hasn’t been to.
57. In Taiwan , Minhyuk want to visit
National Palace Museum. Cause it is one
of the four most famous museums in the
58. Once Minhyuk ব্যক্ত he wants to bring
his family and বন্ধু to Thailand, he said
if he marry,he’ll ask his wife to
honeymoon in Thailand.
59. Jonghyun: “When I saw Minhyuk first,
I couldn’t help but smiling. Because he
looked so good-natured.”
60. Minhyuk naturally likes older women
because he also has an older sister that
treats him well.
61. Minhyuk’s dad is drum teacher. He
learnt Drum from his dad.
62. Minhyuk has a specialty in flute. Next
to drums, it’s the instrument he can play
very well
63. MinHyuk is called Min Hyo Ku in Japan.
64. Minhyuk is the type who’s stable and
quiet. But when he’s feeling good he can
be quite playful.
65. Minhyuk can act of getting angry.But
he can’t get angry in real life.If Minhyuk
gets angry,he looks awkward.He doesn’t
look angry at all
66. Minhyuk feel satisfied when he
composed Sweet Holiday. He felt good he
could express what he want to say
through সঙ্গীত & lyric.
67. contents of Sweet Holiday is about
Flutter of 1st love,Difference of emotion
btween when Minhyuk didn’t know love
n after he felt love.
68. MinHyuk is in charge of mother. He is
neat. He cleans the house always. He is
even good at cooking.
69. Minhyuk is very hygienic; he’s the one
that tidied the room everyday when
CNBLUE were in Japan.
70. JungShin: “MinHyuk has no
weakpoint. He is just too neat. Once I put
my bag on my bed. But he nagged me..”
71. Minhyuk nag when the house is not
cleaned. But he can’t say words to his
hyungs, He just give them the hairy
72. Jonghyun ব্যক্ত MinHyuk’s house is so
neat and clean. Arranged perfectly, no
dust at all, vacant.
73. And Jungshin ব্যক্ত He has been to
MinHyuk’s home. There was a big
বই রাখিবার আলমারি full of LPs, his father had
collected them.
74.Minhyuk was appeared in Orange
Caramel’s MV.
75. When Minhyuk had a stomachache,
Yonghwa even gave him a stomach
massage! he took a very good care of
76.Minhyuk: “My strong point is smiling
face. Weak point is that I have no other
attraction beside smiling face.”
77. Minhyuk ব্যক্ত that he feels more
comfortable on stage without camera.
78. Did আপনি know Boice..Minhyuk’s
nickname is “ Kang Goon “
79. Yonghwa:”People say Minhyuk is calm
but he is a rascal. His nickname is a
mouse. He hides and disappears like a
80.since he was little,Minhyuk loved
doing active sports like
soccer,baseball,basketball.He bet he could
do better than other members.
81. Minhyuk also like playing badminton.
But he ব্যক্ত he can’t paly often, because
he don’t have much time.
82. Yonghwa ব্যক্ত “I always talk a lot
around girls, but when MinHyuk is quiet;
all the girls are like “he is so cute!”
83. Minhyuk met his first girlfriend when
he was 1st বছর of highschool, then
broke up at 3rd year. He has dated her
for আরো than 1 year.
84. Yonghwa : Minhyuk is nice to
everyone around him and he didn’t
change at all from the time I first met
85. All members revealed that Minhyuk is
the early bird. He wake up early.
86. Minhyuk:”I once beat my alarm clock.
But when we are promoting and stuff, I
can’t wake up quickly. Manager wakes
me up.”
87. Jonghyun : “Minhyuk really sleeps
gently like his personality. When he lies
down, he sleeps and wakes up in that
88. When Minhyuk was in middle school,
he was in a ফুটবল team. During summer
vacation, he always had training.
89. And in middle school, minhyuk
represented his school in ফুটবল match.
90. JShin ব্যক্ত when “BlueLove”
promo,MinHyuk checks his banking acc
everyday at ATM machine,how much d
copyright fee he received of SweetHoliday
91. Minhyuk loves rainy day.He likes the
sound of rain.This sound makes him feels
like his mind is cleaned.he likes to b
exposed to rain too
92. Minhyuk likes running around. He like
running around with a ball but he like
running around without it too.
93. Minhyuk also like playing hide and
94. Minhyuk always calm. He doesn’t like
to be spoilt. on the contrary, he prefers to
be alone.
95. Minhyuk same as his father.If he drink
a little bit,face and his whole body turn
red.So he hates to put alcohol into his
96. MinHyuk is not really into fashion
before, he got many influence from the
fashion enthusiastic Yonghwa and
97. Minhyuk likes wearing sweats and
also the neat and tidy, smart type clothes.
He also likes the brand Bottega Venetta.
98. For Minhyuk, “1″ is his lucky number
99. Going trip as far as possible is
Minhyuk’s way of relieving if he’s in bad
100. Minhyuk ব্যক্ত his পছন্দ behavior
অথবা face expression of women is when
she gaze his eyes. ^^