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Hi everybody i just want to tell আপনি that our Kara has just made a Freestyle commercial! Kat^_^ They look so cute and sexy. This is just a commercial to help cheers game players up. আপনি can watch Kara kat video cf on youtube. If you're a অনুরাগী of K-pop stars checked allkpop.com

A piece of good news for all. Guys are now allowed to play the Kara girls with their fingers... in their own room.

No, I am not kidding, but it is not what your dirty minds think. Kara girls are actually transforming into virtual in-game characters for an online বাস্কেটবল video game called Freestyle, owned দ্বারা the JCE Entertainment....
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Girl group KARA’s strategy is use familiarity and their comeback. The plan is to bring familiar সঙ্গীত like “Day & Night” from their new album “Day & Night” as their winning move. It shows determination that they will maintain the পূর্ববর্তি KARA color.

KARA’s entertainment company ‘DSP Media” had a telephone conversation with ‘Dispatch’ on the 25th and revealed “There has been a lot of changes since the members changed. Thankfully the original KARA members and the new member, Youngji balanced each other a lot better than expected so the comeback তারিখ is sooner...
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KARA won for Best Girl Group at 2012 All কেপপ Awards last January 31, 2013

2012 allkpop awards presented দ্বারা NAVER BAND officially opened up for voting back on December 1st, 2012. And অনুরাগী from all around the globe are voting for the best of K-pop in 2012.

The voting has been quite intense and we’ve already received over 6 million ভোট in just 13 days!

With that said, we’ve tallied the ভোট and below is an update on the standings up to this point. The nominees in many categories are very close with as little as 10 ভোট separating 1st and 2nd! During the 2nd week, there was quite a bit of change in rankings and the battle for the best of 2012 is heating up!

The voting will end December 31st 2012 11:59pm EST and winners will be announced on January 31st 2013.