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I have got উত্তর from peaople who hate zutara

Seriously...why do people like Zutara?

Zuko seems awfully old for Katara, some say Aang is 112, but actually he is 12 and was ফ্রোজেন in an iceberg for 100 years so technically he's ten. I don't think Katara will ever be with Zuko anyway, I mean they're enemies and she really likes Aang, she kissed him for crying out loud and people still say she will go to Zuko! I mean SERIOUSLY!

I can't understand it either.

It's nice with the whole water-fire opposites thing... but আপনি can have that with a Sokka/Ty Lee অথবা Sokka/Azula pairing.

Aang needs Katara,...
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A lonely whisper from a forgotten time
A tired whimper, a silent chime....
The voice of my spirit calls out to you--
Can আপনি not hear it, so pure, so true?

I am shadowless wine
Waiting for your lips to taste me,
To drink me and shine
With the glow of my spirit set free--

Let me not stare through this cold wineglass,
অথবা evaporate into nothingness--
Oh, let us share our lives or--alas!
We would be entrapped in emptiness...

So breathe me, taste me, drink me until
The very corners of your soul I fill;
Let the glow of this wine most deeply impart
The warmth of my প্রণয় to fill your sweet heart!
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