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Katherine's human life is vague other than that fact that she was born somewhere in Bulgaria around 1475 (assuming she turned at the same age as Elena is now) and was born into a wealthy family who then disowned her due to her having a illegitimate daughter in 1490. Katherine became pregnant দ্বারা an unknown man, carried the child to term and gave birth to a healthy girl before she was transfigured into a vampire. This was later confirmed and it was shown that her daughter was taken সেকেন্ড after she was born, leaving Katherine devastated.
Her প্রদত্ত name is Katerina Petrova (Cyrillic: Катерина Петрова) and was turned into a vampire দ্বারা herself (suicide) in 1492 in England after she was exiled out of Bulgaria দ্বারা her family. She had her name anglicized possibly after coming to the United States.

She was the first Petrova dooplegänger and was supposed to be sacrificed to break the sun and moon curse in 1492, but escaped and became a vampire after hanging herself. Originally, she tried to commit suicide দ্বারা stabbing herself with a knife, but Rose force fed her some of her blood to heal her, but when Rose turned her back, Katerina hung herself with a length...