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When I look at আপনি now
I see my husband.
I see our future.
I see...happiness.

We've had our arguments.
But we both forgive each other soon enough
Which, quite frankly,
I'm happy about.

We've had a romantic moments
Boy, have we had our romantic moments.
I remember every single one of them.
Even from our first date.

I know my Dad hated you.
And my mum hates both of us.
But we don't care.
We have all we need

We have friends.
We're married.
We have a beautiful daughter...
And we have each other.

I must ask you...
...what do আপনি see...
...when আপনি see me?

~May Swan
I can't even begin to count
The reasons why.
But at least I can try
To প্রদর্শনী আপনি my love
I just hope you'll listen

Your voice makes me feel so warm
Even at the darkest of times,
It gives me hope and comfort,
One of the things I প্রণয় আপনি for.

Your eyes, I know it sounds cliché,
But they're my favourite thing about you,
আপনি just have to look at me
And I know what আপনি want.

The way our bodies fit together
Like the world just knew
We were supposed to be together.

The way I miss you
I know, it sounds strange
But I've never missed anyone as much
And they've never missed me, either

You're so different
In a good way
Don't get me wrong
It makes আপনি so fun

The way আপনি worry about me
It's cute
আপনি really shouldn't, I know what I'm doing
But আপনি do, and I don't mind

So there আপনি are,
Just a few
Of the reasons
Why I প্রণয় you
"May wait a minute!" Kazuki yelled and tried to keep the pleasantly hopping white haired girl's behind, who seemed, if possible, even আরো camera shake than usual, humming, and bob over rocks and stumps. Her bare toes sank into the cold ground and the hair was full of different colors, fallen trees, leaves.

"We have to go back home! Please come back," Kazuki huff. He knew that he shouldnt would have to give May drink so much vodka. The girl was blind drunk.

May came to a halt as the দেওয়াল and turned toward the boy, gigglish. Her eyes glistened on the cheeks and the dark had risen to a light red....
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