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This KH: Organization XIII ছবি contains নকল মানুষের, কমিক বই, কমিকস, and কার্টুন.

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Roxas, Xion, and Deanxra is searching for heartless in the আন্ডারওয়ার্ল্ড while Jaxson was fighting in the tournament.
Roxas: Alright the আন্ডারওয়ার্ল্ড has two paths
Xion: sure looks like it
Roxas: Let's got to.....
Deanxra: The Right(walks to the right path)
Roxas: What? নমস্কার Wait!
At the tournament
Announcer: And that's the end of round one and the winner is Jaxson!
Jaxson: that was easy, নমস্কার I think I'm forgetting something
Announcer: Now to Round two
Jaxson: Oh, Right
At the Underworld
Xion: this is really weird
Roxas: Yeah there are no heartless, I told আপনি Deanxra we should have gone to the left
Deanxra: Sorry...
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After Breakfast Xion, Roxas, Deanxra, And Jaxson are going on the mission they were assigned.
Roxas: Okay everyone got your things ready
Jaxson: Sure
Deanxra: Yeah
Xion: Then let’s meet up with Saix for A briefing
Jaxson: দ্বারা the way what the thing about Saix the Puppy-
Roxas: Don’t ask
Jaxson: What? But wh-
Roxas: look just don’t ask
Xion: Can we just meet Saix now
Roxas: Sure, come on
They found Saix
Saix : ah, yes the newcomer
Roxas: So you’re sending us to Olympus
Saix: Yes as usual collect as many hearts possible
Xion: yes easy enough
Saix: Alright go through the dark portal that leads to Olympus...
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posted by JasonOrgXIII
নমস্কার Organization XIII Fans, I'm a new ফ্যানপপ member JasonOrgXIII. Okay I'm লেখা A story about organization 13 where anyone can যোগদান just post a মতামত about your org character and maybe you'll be in the story.I'll try to write a new one every week so just wait. So this is the beginning and i'm a new member, Zexion found me while he's on a mission at Twilight town. So
He takes me to Xemnas Knowing I'm a Nobody. And Xemnas ব্যক্ত I'm the new number XIV. Zexion showed me to my room and to meet the other Organization XIII members. I tried to bond with Marluxia but appears to me to be gay. so পরবর্তি I tried Xaldin but he was in a bad mood and almost stab my arm. So I decided to go back to my room.
In this story we have our own roommate. and I was paired with Xigbar. End
If anyone wants to যোগদান the story just put a মতামত below with your org 13 name,who আপনি like, and what is may power
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