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We ran at the heartless,and they did the same to us.When we hit their initial lines we obliterated them easily.Then,however,we got surrounded.We had to switch from offence to defence,which really pissed মেঘ off.He swung randomly after that.His tactic worked for the most part,except for the fact that he almost hit Sora and I too.So,we jumped away into our own area.
"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea!"Cloud yelled to me.
"Ya' think!?"I shouted back.Then,it hit me.I had an idea.
"Sora!Plan C!"I yelled.He knew what I meant.I threw my Keyblade into the air.Sora jumped and caught it in his free hand.Then I jumped and caught Sora's ankles.Afterwards l,we spun in circles with the Keyblades sticking out.They killed all of the heartless that got close.It was going great,but then my hands got sweaty.
Sora slipped from my hands and flew so far that he went past the heartless.And I was left with no-one,and no weapon,surrounded দ্বারা monsters bent on killing me.

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